11 Tips to Double Your Traffic Using Google Search Console

How to Go About Web Designing?

Do your homework properly keeping your priorities in view while selecting your web design partner. Allocating your job of web designing just to anyone will not serve any practical purpose. Work on the guidelines set out above before hiring.

Get Good ROI on Your Website – Hire a Professional Web Design Company!

A good online presence not only marks the beginning of a brand’s relationship with customers online, but also with the tough competitors as well. Whether you are a self-employed professional or running a company, if you want to connect with your audience, your customers, sell yourself or sell your services, you need an online platform. Having said that, a one page HTML page flooded with information on everything you do will not do you any favours.

5 Definitive Approaches to Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design has already topped the charts of trending web design technologies. This article tries to bring out some of the best practices to be followed in developing a responsive site.

Improve Your Online Presence With A Responsive Web Design

Reaching to your users and giving them a pleasant experience on your site should be your major intention when creating a website. It can be a waste to have a well created and contented site only for your users to have a tough time accessing it from any given device. A responsive design makes it possible for your users to have a pleasant experience regardless of their screen sizes or processors. It optimizes the browsing experience of the users so they can enjoy valuable web access even when using mobile devices.

Services Offered by Web Designing Companies

There is a common misconception that web designing companies only entail creation, design, and maintenance of websites. The truth, however, is vaster. There are several services that web designing companies offer.

10 Best Practices for a Compelling About Page That Works

Could you be turning off visitors on your website without even knowing it? Unfortunately that’s exactly what many online business owners are doing on their websites. And having a properly done “About” page helps visitors answer these questions.

Step-By-Step Process to Create a Website

Creating a functional website that allows users to quickly and easily access information regardless of device types and browsers, is what web designers and developers intend to work upon. Whether building a website from scratch or be it re-designing a website, the basic objectives could be, to gain visibility, to disseminate information, attracting new customers, to sell a product or creating a community; the reason could be anything but the goal is always building an appealing and fully functional website. Designing and developing a website encompasses the following phases:…

Elevate Your Business to Greater Heights Through Responsive Website Design

We can clearly say that responsive web design is a trend in web design and is here to stay; the trend which not only could help businesses to have a wider reach, but also enhances the user experience. This write-up is intended to give an overall view about responsive web design and how this will help businesses to grow.

How To Create An Ideal Website For Small Business

If you are making your debut in to a small business, you cannot remain blindfolded about having a website that is designed to cater the visitor needs. There are several factors that need to be considered before launching a website for your small business. A digital agency can be partnered with for all your custom website requirements, conversion optimization, and digital marketing as well as eCommerce solutions.

Tips to Make Your Website Friendly

Creating websites that are friendly and easy for your potential clients to navigate is essential. Today you need to be mobile friendly as well. Here are some other tips to make your website friendly to guests as well and keep them coming back to your site.

Understanding Colors And Their Impact On Web Design

Colors are one of the most powerful mediums of non verbal communication. They have the power to convey messages and meanings more effectively. Colors shape our thoughts and emotions and can greatly impact our buying habits too! That’s why advertisements are generally full of colors! They are known to invoke 80% of change in motivation to buy a product especially with online shopping.

Why Half of All Small Businesses Don’t Have Websites

Half of all small businesses don’t have a website to market their business online. This is not an inflated number. According to a 2013 survey of more than 3,800 small businesses conducted by Google and research company Ipsos, 55% of small businesses don’t have websites representing their company.

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