Beginner’s Guide to Creating 301 Redirects in WordPress (Step by Step)

2013: Top 3 Intriguing Web Design Trends for Small Businesses

2013 has paved way for fierce competition and innovation in web designs for small businesses. This article gives compelling trends of web designs for 2013.

The Future of Web Design

Web designing has undergone dramatic changes during the last few years owing to the evolution of technology and fast changing user preferences. Web designers who have not updated themselves with the latest changes face the risk of their skills growing obsolete. The fact is that in order to survive in the web design industry, a designer needs to keep himself tuned with the current trends. Knowing what to expect in the future will help you be prepared for it.

Mobile Website Design – Have a Prime Opportunity to Be Ahead of the Competition

Mobile website design has the actual potential to improve the amount of visitors who does return for your site later on. A mobile app can offer a lot, but a mobile website has the potential to offer much more.

Responsive Web Design Importance

Day by day, internet traffic on hand held devices like mobiles is increasing. As smart phones have become the trend of the modern times and it has helped people to stay connected every time by offering net connectivity, it has become all the more important to give heed to responsive web design. The norm that “one fit, fits all” is no longer existing. Everything is unique and a responsive web design approach has become important to be followed.

5 Most Common Mistakes A Web Designer Can Make That Could Ruin Your Company Branding!

Whether you’re a small business owner or heading a multinational enterprise, you cannot do without a solid on-line web identity and presence. Despite the importance of an impressive website, one can almost always find some glaringly obvious flaws that a web designer or web design company can make. Here is a list of some common web design and development mistakes people make, and what you should do to steer clear of them!

How To Develop Your Website Design Properly

There are several stages involved in the website design process. The first step in the process is to determine the purpose of the site. The purpose and function of the site will determine the how the site should be designed. An eCommerce site will be designed and constructed very differently from a site that is primarily for publishing information or a news site. This step is largely concerned with information gathering and discussion among all the parties involved.

Portfolio More Important Than Experience for Website Design Company

When you are looking for a website design company and soliciting opinions for important criteria they should possess, experience would be among the top of the list. In fact, new developers will suffer the unfortunate fact that they do not have much experience in the field. That’s the reason why they won’t get the huge accounts by blue-chip companies which puts premium on experience above all else.

Importance of a Real Estate Website For Realtors

In this growing world, daily a new technology is launched which changes your world completely. Similarly in case of real estate business many new advancements and techniques are launched which completely change the working style of real estate agents, buyers and sellers.

7 Top Tips For A Website Designer To Build Great Websites

As a website designer, there are many things to bear in mind if you want to design and develop a great website that you can be proud of. There are many things you should consider rather than just being a great graphic designer. The article below list 7 factors to consider when building a successful website.

The Benefits of Learning Web Design

In this modern age of technologies, it is a huge advantage not only to be computer literate, but also to be well versed in the use of the World Wide Web. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of blogs and websites are being launched every day, and if you are one of the many people who want to utilize the internet for monetary purposes and on a limited budget, then it is advisable that you learn the web designing basics to gain advantage to the millions of other websites out there. If you are a blog owner…

The Reasons Behind Adding Personality to a Website Through Web Design

Adding personality attributes to websites is receiving a great deal of importance among any modern web design agency. Here you will find information on the reasons behind adding personality attributes along with how hiring a leading website design agency may help you in making your efforts successful.

Popular Logos in Complex Website Design

While basic website design only covers a few basics that are required for running a website, complex website design is a lot more complicated. It covers every single item that may be included in the design of a particular website. Usually, companies that offer complex website design offer almost everything in their package.

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