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Eight Great Image-Based Tips for Your Website

Almost every single website you’re going to visit has some type of images used in its construction. Whether it’s a header or logo or some other picture, you will find that every site, from the most successful to the least known, uses images.

Creating a Great Website in Six Steps

Whether you’re just looking for some personal space online or even if you’re trying to start a new business, everything starts with having a website. Of course, not just any old website will do. Take your time to ensure that you’re building an attractive, fully functioning site that visitors will appreciate just as much as you.

What Do I Do: WordPress or HTML?

There are basically two popular approaches to take when you decide to build a website. You can go with a static HTML website or a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. If you are new to building and managing websites, then you might wonder what the big difference is between these two approaches. They both make websites, but there is a world of difference on how you get to the end result. Read on to find out the difference between them, and which one is really the best for you.

Using Information Architecture and User Experience to Design Websites

Website designing has undergone many changes. While some involve the basic utilizing of Flash or Flex etc., others include the importance of implementing both Information Architecture and User Experience. This article talks about implementing IA and UX together to design websites that engage the customer both creatively and emotionally.

Tips For A Well Balanced Web Design

When you choose to create your own website, it is important that you find the right balance between content and layout. Many people make the mistake of focus too much on one or the other. By finding a good balance between both, you will find your visitors increase. This article will provide you with some great tips to set you in the right direction!

Why Colour And Cultural Considerations Are Integral To Web Design (Part 1)

These days, colour and the way it is viewed by different cultures is of huge significance for the web design industry; something that they were not concerned with in previous years. This is because the websites created here, in Australia, can be viewed by people living in the United States, or in England or even in a less technologically advanced country, like China. And, as each of these countries has their own culture, it is becoming increasingly important to avoid offending viewers whenever possible.

What Is The Fat-P System And How Can It Streamline The Web Design Workflow?

On many occasions you have probably found yourself so overwhelmed by the web design project ahead that you have developed a mental block. This block will continue to build until the frustration reaches breaking point, leading you to completely neglect the project all together, miss deadlines and be faced with all sorts of other problems. This is where the FAT-P system can help you get your mind back on track.

Website Design Basics for Beginners

Whether you’re designing your own website or relying on a website designer to produce a good web site for you, it pays to know a few things about website design basics. The graphical side of the design is subjective but even that has some rules that are best followed. The page layout is likewise subject to tweaking within some overall ground rules.

Learning How To Make A Website Includes Proper SEO

There are lots of people these days following instruction on how to make a website. These individuals all have their own personal reasons for doing so. Some just want to create something online to provide entertainment for their families while others have more monetary considerations in mind.

Make Your Own Website – It’s Not That Hard

When you mention the phrase, ‘make your own website’ most people shudder in fear. However, with the newest advances in technology and software, there is no reason anyone cannot learn how to make a website. In fact building a site is easy when you understand where to find the right tools.

Inexpensive and Efficient Website Creation Solutions

A website is a must for every business that wants to attract a solid and loyal clientele. People are increasingly searching for information and for products online. Many company owners, however, worry about the cost of having high quality web presence.

Building Your Own Unique Website

If you are planning to run a business or start a group of some sort, you are going to need a website. The vast majority of people have no idea how to make a website, and their first instinct is to turn to a professional web development company. The question however, is whether or not you really want to take that step.

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