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How to Build a Mobile Compatible Websites

In this article we look at some of the main challenges that designers face in mobile design and three approaches use to designing mobile websites. We also look at how web design software can help accomplish this task and make it easier.

Should You Hire a Web Designer or Use a CMS?

When you are planning on creating your first website, you are inevitably faced with the question whether you’ll hire a web designer or use a content management system (CMS). Both have advantages and disadvantages; however, which one is the best choice for you? This article will show you how to approach this question correctly and make the right decision.

Bespoke Website Design Vs Templates

Online businesses often face a huge decision: bespoke website design from a freelance contractor, or a pre-made template. Learn more about how this choice impacts the professionalism and effectiveness of your website.

15 Free Photoshop Substitutes

One of the secrets of creating a Search Engine Optimized site is by putting great visuals on your site. It’s a visual web. That’s where we are headed. Netizens like looking at pictures instead of texts. That is why it is important for you to have access to utilities and platforms that will allow you to create websites that are easy on the eyes. Look for web hosting companies that have the capacity to provide you with advice on how to design your site so that it is visually appealing and also friendly to users and search engines.

Finding The Right Web Host

You already have your domain name. You probably have your design ready. All the content for your website is there and you are just waiting to be launched into the internet.

How To Get Started With Your Website

A website is very essential in today’s life. Everything seems to be turning virtual. You get to meet people online, talk with them and bond.

How Important Is The Role Of Fonts In Web Design

Design, colors, templates, themes have all claimed crucial positions in the web designer’s world. While a great website design can wave magic, an inappropriate one, hinting to the eyes of the wrong audience strata, can do more harm than good. All these important members apart, there is another member that is really really important, but we do not speak much about it. In this article below, we take a look at how important fonts are on the design platform.

SEO Finale: Why Title Tags Are Important and How To Change Your Title Tags in WordPress

I’m helping a local massage therapist set up a WordPress website for her new business. I say helping, because Shana Anolik Ricker and her husband, Joe Ricker, are both involved in adding content and images to Shana’s new site, and will soon be managing the website themselves.

Choose Superior Web Graphics To Make Impression On The Audience

Web graphics are used by webmasters and internet firms to make attractive and useful portals. Although graphical units can look beautiful at first glance, but we should pay attention to the tasks that are to be implemented and pick pictures according to their values and functions.

Painting The World Wide Web With Neon

Websites have become an evolving ground for experiments. Every year the website designers come up with designs which might become a potential trend in the World Wide Web. 2013 has been a phenomenal year for website designs…

Quick Tips: Website Design Consideration for E-Marketing Websites

Are you planning to have website to market or sell your products and services online? Here are some quick tips to consider and follow while designing your website. Professionally designed website with quality content, easy to use interface & pleasing website design can increase repeated visits and conversion rate.

Tips to Create an Essential E-Commerce Site

E-commerce is a rather competitive business bearing the fact that your fellow rivals are just a single click away from you. Should your site prove a little problematic, a customer will not hesitate to log out in search for another easily navigable site.You should ensure your e-commerce website has certificates such as ‘Hacker Safe’, ‘VeriSign’ and SSL as they make customers trust you. Also ensure they are updated. You can access more information on in the internet.

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