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A Guide to a Website Design for Beginners – Introduction to HTML

There is always a less demanding option than writing the HTML code yourself. You can use a web page editor (Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc.) to create a web page. All you need to do is to type the content, insert images or any other graphics and save the document as HTML file. The HTML code will be generated in the background by the software. This is a very easy option, however, the result you can achieve this way are limited. In order to create a professional looking, well designed and dynamic website you need to understand the HTML code very well.

Automating the Evaluation of Web Site User Experience: Collecting Qualitative/Quantitative UX Data

Welcome to the first Part in the “Automation the Evaluation of Web Site User Experience: Collection both Qualitative and Quantitative User Experience Data” article series. In this series, we are going to talk about best practices, methodology & modeling and more importantly, about both balancing quantity and quality of usability data.

Website Design And SEO

Ten to fifteen years ago, designing and developing a website in a way that you personally thought looked good and might please your audience was enough and quite simply it did the job. But as today’s market sees virtually every business have some form of online presence; online marketing is a never ending battle.

How To Optimize Landing Page Design And Development

Your landing page is the first thing people see when they go to your webpage or it is the first thing they see when they click a link to your sales page, which is really the same thing. You can use a landing-page for many different reasons but normally it is advertorial. This means you need to have simple, to the point and engaging content ready to keep them there. Here are some great ways to optimize your Landing Page Design and Development.

Adapting Your Content to Your Mobile Device

More and more people nowadays depend on their mobile devices for information. That information includes blog and website content, among other types of information. As a blog owner/writer, it is important to make sure that your content reaches as wide an audience as you intend it to reach.

Freelance Web Designer, Not a 24 Hour Worker!

Working as a freelance Web Designer has its advantages, but there are a lot of disadvantages. The one I am going to be discussing here is time management. When I first started out for the first two weeks I was working up to 20 hour days, literally!

When Is the Last Time You Updated Your Website?

I know you are busy with your small business. You know you are busy with your small business. Maybe that’s the reason why many of you don’t take the time to update your website with relevant and fresh material.

As Tablet Sales Increase, Responsive Design Gains Importance

Tablets have become a staple device. They are selling at an incredible pace and businesses have to understand the importance of this. While some websites might still be mobile friendly on most tablets, many are not.

Requirements for a Unique Website Design

Website designs have always been a challenge for website developers. This article would be providing certain guidelines which would be helpful for web designer as well in the long run.

7 Reasons Why You Still Need Your Own Website!

It’s 2013 and surprisingly many small business owners still don’t understand why you need to have your own website. Just recently a friend told us that “websites are so outdated, everyone uses Facebook and YouTube.” As shocked as we were to hear this, it’s a common sentiment within the small business community. This attitude however could not be further from the truth. Yes, many of your potential customers do use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but here are 7 compelling reasons why owning your own business website should be part of your online marketing and business plan…

6 Fruit Under – The “Don’t Make Me Think” Approach To Web Design

A trip to the grocery store recently should have been a quick and stress free experience. However it was not! The anguish I felt when leaving the store inspired this article. I’m sure you’re wondering how the local grocery store could trigger a post about website usability – so here goes…

Web Designing – From Simplicity to Greatness

Various large corporations, firms and trading companies want to expand their business quickly to maximize their profits. One way of doing this is by online marketing. Creating, developing and maintaining a website is easier said than done.

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