Does Hostgator Charge Monthly Or All At Once? Facts To Know!

Enhancing Your Website’s Social Networking Ability

An interactive website has myriad benefits, most important of which is the boost in the search engine rankings it receives when it is shared frequently on social networking sites. Encouraging social networking also encourages your websites users to participate in discussions and makes them feel that their feedback is valued thus resulting in improved perception of your brand amongst people at large and encourages repeat business.

Improve Credibility With Testimonials On Your Website

The good thing about having an online presence is you cannot hide your reputation. Everyone knows how good you are (or how bad). The worst thing is you cannot say what you think about yourself. A good word from someone else is worth more than a thousand words you say about yourself. Want to know how endorsements can improve your online credibility?

Your Website Design Matters, A Lot

In today’s culture both online and offline, looks and simplicity are what catches everyone’s attention. This is especially true for online interaction. A person’s attention is something to be earned. Most of us are attracted to visually enticing graphics and features that we can interact with, and therefore we will give that item our attention.

Great Strategies to Make Your Website Mobile/iPad Efficient?

“I have a good question… what are some of the great strategies to make your website Mobile/iPad efficient?” Great question! With the shift to more and more users browsing the web on their tablets and smart phones, the need for businesses to have their web compatible for these devices grows. Many are completely unprepared for this and are caught with websites that simply do not work or do not work well on these devices.

4 Reasons To Get Your Website Professionally Designed

We’ve all got that cousin or neighbor or friend from high school that took a few web design classes and assures you that they’ll do a great job with your website. What’s the worst that could happen? Well… everything could go wrong actually. Here’s my professional opinion on why you should really get your company website designed by someone that actually knows what they’re doing:

Importance of a Good Website Design

Thinking of getting a website designed? Read on to find out some tips about good website design.

How A Professional Web Design Helps Your Customers

A professional web design can be just as beneficial to your customers as it to your business. Web pages that are professionally created are more appealing, easier for people to share with their friends and helps improve your brand image. Therefore…

10 Free Online Tools To Test Website Speed

Loading speed of a website holds immense value for its overall performance and hence, it must be checked regularly. This article has listed 10 free online tools to test a website’s speed, and invites users to add more to the list.

User Interface Design Trends of 2013

Simplicity is the new mantra for the year 2013. User interface designers are realizing the need to focus on touch friendly, simple, flat and typographical designs with acute attention to color, form and type. Over the upcoming months, most desktop websites will start transforming and imitating the style and interfaces of mobile apps.

What Makes a Bad Web Design?

If you are not extremely good with computer applications then you may be wondering if you can create your own web design or not. If you are not super computer savvy then you may not know what makes a good web design good, and what makes a bad web design bad.

Knowing About Web Design Pointers

Web design is something that most of us will never attempt in our lives. We might make a web site using one of the preformed patterns that has us do nothing more than choose the font size and the colors for the page. But, most people lack the confidence it would take to truly develop and create a unique web design.

Learning Website Design Tips

When you think about websites and webpages you really do not consider the work that went into creating them. The web design matters very little to the visitor unless it is a really bad one or an extremely good one. Most of them go completely unnoticed.

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