Does Hostinger Accept PayPal Payment? (Questioned Answered!)

Banner Blindness – Meaning, Symptoms and Cure

Web users have some inherent peculiarities that usually don’t show up in their day to day life. One such odd practice or should we say habit has been amusingly termed as banner blindness. The disease is so chronic amongst web users that it has forced companies offering professional banner designing services in advertisement field to think deeply about it.

Important Lessons That We Can Learn From Web Design For Mobile Devices

These days, more and more people are making their website more accessible to users by making it compatible with mobile devices. With the use of smart phones continuously on the rise (and, therefore, the number of people browsing the net whilst on the go), this is becoming increasingly important. What have we learnt, however, from the web designs that have already gone mobile?

How We Are Killing The Graphic Design Community

There has been much debate surrounding whether some people’s actions are effectively killing the graphic design community or not, but lately it seems that those who are arguing that this is true are getting the upper hand. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who try to use the community to their own advantage, often causing those who are passionate about design to turn away and look elsewhere for enlightenment. So, what sorts of actions are effectively killing the design community?

Do You “REALLY” Have a Custom Website?

This article will explain the differences in the types of websites you can have for your business. There are some huge misconceptions out there. People who are smart and savvy when it comes to business really don’t know the difference between websites, customized websites, and custom websites.

Emerging Mobile Market and Its Impact on User Experience

The industry recognized as the mobility industry is growing with leaps and bounds. It is one industry that exemplifies an ideal marriage of business with technology. As per a report by Accenture for the year 2010, the number of mobile subscribers exceeds 3 billion and more than one billion new subscriptions have been added in the last few years.

First Thoughts on HTML5 and CSS3

The arrival of new software is always greeted with enthusiasm. And so it was when I first tried out HTML5 and CSS3. I was looking forward to having gradients work without error, and having an easy way to create boxes with curvy corners. Also CSS has lots of named colours, rather than cryptic RGB hexadecimal numbers.

Could Improving Your Website’s Design Drive More Sales?

When did you last put yourself in your prospects’ or customers’ shoes and took a good, hard look at your company’s website? Would you feel good about buying your own products and/or services based on the design of your site? Would you be comfortable entering your personal information into the website? Too often we dismiss site design as “good enough,” without realizing just how much money we’re leaving on the table. Does your website pass the 8-second test?

Re-Designing Your Website for Success

No website design lasts forever. Despite your website designer’s valiant efforts, even the most impressive layout will start to look tired and old after a few years. The first thing you’ll notice is its appearance.

What to Look for in a Reliable Web Design Company

In order to maintain a noticeable presence online, having a well-designed website that is both user-friendly and visually interesting is very important, while it also has to stand out from the competing competition. Before deciding on the right web design company for your needs, it is necessary to take the right steps to research the available options.

Features Of Effective Navigation In Web Design Service

Navigation is one of the integral aspects in web designing service. With mediocre graphics and customary designing elements easy-to-navigate websites win better credibility among the targeted visitors. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss certain basic features of effective navigation in web design service.

Tips For Hiring The Best Professional Graphic Designers

The job of graphic designers these days is to communicate the vision of their clients into web-based documents or contents. These professionals bring together images, illustration, colors, typed words and papers for delivering a massage to the customers of their customers on invitations, posters, brochures, logo and business cards of businessmen. Some of the tips for hiring professional graphic designers are given in the content given below:

Things To Consider When Developing An Ecommerce Website

An ecommerce website is not just a website, it’s a source of direct income. For that reason alone, there is little room for error in development, so it is important that it’s built with due care and attention, and on a platform that you know provides the security and stability you require.

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