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UX Design Rules the World of Web GUI

Definition of UX design states that the design is based on user experience. Creating a design beforehand that would please the user required certain information. Based on those a platform is created and the design is modified from user feedback.

Website Call To Actions Steps Must Be Irresistible

The fundamental objective of a company website is to increase product sales. It’s far too easy to focus purely on the overall look of the website, but if the Call to Action steps aren’t completely irresistible, your company may be missing out on potential new sales.

Add Fluidity and Flexibility to Your Website Using Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a relatively new concept in web design, which encourages designers to be innovative in using CSS to add fluidity and scalability to your website. It’s meant to fix problems in usability and flexibility when designing websites for different mobile platforms and for varying sizes of mobile browsers.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Web Designer

So you have decided to hire a web designer. You have decided that you either need a website or that your current website needs an upgrade. Now all you have to do is find a web designer, find out how much they charge, and sign the contract, right? Whoa! Not so fast! There are some important items that you need to consider before you hire (or even talk to) a web designer.

What Does The Industry Think About Responsive Web Design?

Did you know that there is plenty of debating and controversy surrounding the idea of responsive web design within the industry itself? Whilst the arguments regarding whether this trend provides a good mobile experience or not have been running for some time, it, unfortunately, does not appear as if there will be an end to the debate any time soon. Just speak to any designer who is prominent in the industry today and you will probably find that they have an opinion on whether responsiveness is hot or not.

Website Usability Testing – Why Do It?

An in-depth article outlining the importance of website usability testing. Includes explanations on the two different types of usability testing (Heuristic and Actual), and the benefits of user testing.

Things That You Should Ask Your Website Designer Before Hiring Them

Website designers can be hired locally or remotely. If you type the term “web designer” on the search engine, it will generate hundreds of thousands of names and companies. Therefore it makes choosing the best web designer a little trivial because you cannot really pinpoint who would provide the best web development services.

How Do I Replace an Image on My Website?

You can change your images through file manager in your cPanel. First you will need to locate the file path in Filemanager in your website control panel. This you can do by right-clicking on the image and then click ‘view image information’. That will show you where the image is located in your website.

Minimal Website Design: What to Expect

Leaders in the business world rarely find themselves only rarely dabbling in the vast field of art and design. But on those rare occasions when your company is going through a rebranding or is implementing new marketing materials, you may find yourself thinking about how to best communicate the ideal image of your business. You might even start using terms like “colorful,” “bold,” and “sleek,” which start bubbling up from the depths of your mind like you’re back in that mandatory high school art class.

Tools That All E-Commerce Developers Need When They Are Starting a Website

You want to start up a website but you are not sure of what you should put in that site? There are some common things that all of us know must be there such as your contact information among other important things.

How to Increase International Sales From Your Website

Although English is the most popular language online, it’s not the only one. In fact, 70% of all searches online are NOT in English. Asia has more Internet users than Europe and America combined! Up to 85% of consumers are prepared to buy cross-border, but on average only 18% do so. 85% of new business procurement is initiated online. Make your website as visual as possible. An image speaks a thousand words, in any language! A visually appealing, impactful design will translate across borders. Try to avoid using localised imagery. Use images, video and animated diagrams to convey your products or services, as opposed to long pages of text. Opt for either an all-encompassing website on a single ‘.com’ domain name or for a suite of foreign websites on local country-specific URLs. If you go for the latter, make sure domains are available in each key market and check whether you need to have a registered address in the country in question in order to own and operate a local domain.

How to Design a Landing Page for Your Site

Once you have set your marketing goals, there are three key elements (The 3-Cs) to designing a dynamic and functional landing page that can help you achieve those goals. Knowing how to adjust and adapt those elements to your specific needs is relatively easy once you know what they are.

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