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How Much Should a “Professional” Website Cost?

An article about how much should a professional website cost. It talks about the key factors which determine the cost.

On the Lookout for a Professional Web Design Firm

A strong web design company will bring a plethora of possibilities for your online business in an economical way. You will be able to build up an online profile which will support your company reputation for the products or services. Currently, website valuation determines whether the company is able to become successful or not.

Web Design Trends in 2013

The new 2013 is here and everyone in the world of web design is perhaps curious about what changes and innovations it will bring. How the high-technology is going to influence the tools and the approaches used by web designers worldwide? What is the impact of the new ways of web browsing on the web design? The answers to those questions are yet to come in the next months. Although we are not fortune tellers we follow the logical steps of changes and innovations in the digital world and we do have some suggestions of what the trends in 2013 will be.

5 Basic Structural Elements Of A Web Page Design

Normally, a web page has standard structural elements that provide the basic information about the website, its owner and the content. It may include ads, amassed content or links to other sources that are less significant to the web visitors. The fundamental structures that realize these functions have forms, dimensions and positions that reveal their substance on a specific website, while disclosing the website structure and architectural framework of the whole site.

How To Reinvent Web Design Rules

Those who work in web design have been following the same rules for years – they often follow a set formula when it comes to putting together a website because this is how their audiences, and therefore their clients, expect the site to appear. You shouldn’t try to break these design rules, as this won’t always work in your favour, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to reinvent them a little.

Mobile Web Design And The Device-Agnostic Approach

With more and more people accessing the internet using mobile devices, it is becoming increasingly important for designers and developers to ensure that their websites are compatible with a smaller screen. Many practitioners of mobile web design believe that they can undertake responsive design using a device-agnostic approach – but is this actually a true statement? Firstly, what is the device-agnostic approach?

Create A Website Header That Stands Out

When we arrive in a website, the first thing that comes to our sight is the header. Thus, it is crucial that the headers contain the name of the company or website. Header should also emerge from the rest of the page without overpowering the content of the page. Using the appropriate color scheme will help you attain a good balance.

Necessity to Modify WordPress Theme for Any Company

With the growing popularity of WordPress for all websites and personal blogs, there is a growing demand for WordPress professional services that would enhance any website’s image and product branding. Hence, it is possible that website themes need to be altered now and then to keep up with the high class and image of the company represented by the website.

Small Business Web Design – Good Design Practice

A website can have a major influence on the impression potential customers have about a particular business. Small business web design should not be inherently different from any other type of business design, but small businesses are often constrained in the amount of money they can spend on building their website.

Brochureware Is Not a Dirty Word

Brochureware is the term used, often with derogatory marketing implications, to describe websites consisting entirely of static pages that promote a company’s products and services, people and value proposition. Most brochureware websites contain no content that requires updating, and other than perhaps a “Contact Us” form, no interactive capabilities. Brochureware simply sits online, like a printed brochure sits on a coffee table.

How to Make a Profitable Landing Page Design

While creating a landing page design, most of the graphic designers usually focus on strong headlines, short and creative writing, and strong call-to-action. However the main question is whether you’ve a profitable landing page design for your business site. There are several ways to know if you have one that is effective and profitable. One method that will immediately come into your mind is the conversion rate. If your business is growing as a result of large sales, then perhaps you would not like to test the efficiency of your landing page design. However if your business does not make satisfactory sales then perhaps your landing page design will not be converting well and you would like to find out why it is not effective or profitable.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Including Any New Feature in Your Website

Website development is all about creativity and passion to deliver something new & innovative to the visitors at your website. If you already have a website and wish to include some new features in it, then you have plenty of options available today. Compared to the early days of web development, adding new features within a website has become a lot cheaper and easier.

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