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A Subtle Language Of Web Design – Typography

Web design is a medium to deliver solutions and to boost a brand’s identity. A well designed and presented site works like magic for businesses to success in their quest. This article talks about the subtle language of web design – typography.

Big Screen And Small Screen Entertainment

Rather sweetly and fondly I remember the television set from my childhood – it was an item of furniture in its own right. It commanded a corner in our sitting room, slung on a sturdy table which developed a weary wobble over the years. The grey molded screen sat in a plastic wood like casing; the back of which extended further than anyone could guess in black perforated plastic.

Headers And eBook Covers – How They Can Boost Your Online Sales

With the right graphics on your website, you can definitely do some good things with your business. It can boost a prospect’s confidence in buying from you, and can make you look very professional. You will find that some sites have graphics, and some don’t.

Developing a Brand Within Your Logo and Web Design

When you are ready to develop a brand for your business, make it a professional one. Your brand will be your logo for your company and if it looks like an amateur designed it, it will make your company look like amateurs run it. Your logo will be your brand, your trademark, your promise to others that you are a professional business and you know what you are doing.

The Six Little Known Questions Searchers Ask Themselves When They Visit Your Site

Does your website help visitors answer the six most important questions they ask themselves when viewing a new website? If not, they will likely spend mere seconds on the site, electing to go back to the search engine and start over, rather than looking for the answers on your site. But knowing these questions can help you design your site in a more logical manner so that people will stick around.

Tips For Getting Graphics For Your Website

Website graphics can play an important role when it comes to boosting your online sales. The graphics you use can either improve your conversion rates, or can hurt your sales. I’ve been on the internet for a long while now, and I can honestly say that some sites get it right, and other sites just totally misses the mark.

How To Develop A Perfect Landing Page

Developing a perfect landing page is the only trick to boost you conversion rates, either as an online business owner or affiliate marketer. Before you start scratching your head all day long and asking exactly what you can do to get your visitors into action, below are some tips on how to develop a robust landing and achieve all your goals. A perfect landing page development methodology requires that the page is aligned with your principal goal.

Essential Features in Building an Ecommerce Website

To be able to capture the attention of your online shoppers, feel free to read on tips and advices on how to design and build your own ecommerce website. These are essential features that will surely make your online website a success.

Mobile Sites

If you want to reach people on mobile, you’ve got to start with the basics-a mobile site. Right now, over 25% of Internet users access the Internet exclusively using a smart phone or tablet. With that rate doubling each year, mobile Internet users are set to surpass home Internet usage by 2015. 50% of all Internet searches come from mobile devices only. These trends underscore the need for your business to have a mobile website.

Six Reasons You Should Get a Mobile Site Right Now

Plenty of the biggest brands are raking it in from their mobile optimised sites. For example eBay’s mobile payment volume reached a staggering US $13bn last year. While this is an extreme example of a well-established brand succeeding in a new marketing frontier.

SEO Makes Websites Bloom – Got Green Thumbs?

SEO is probably the most used and most abused term online. Search Engine Optimization has often been portrayed as a magic pill that can generate traffic to a website and transform search engine rankings overnight. However much website owners wish this is possible, the sad reality is that SEO doesn’t work that way. The good news is it works. Find out how.

Web Design Colours Convince Website Visitors To Subscribe

A good colour palette can mean better conversions. Colours can influence emotions in people and happy people are more prone to click your CTA (Call-to-Action) button. A smartly designed website maintains a balance of form and function so that every visit to your website becomes engrossing, memorable and enjoyable. See how colours contribute.

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