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New Website Development: DIY Publishing Platform Versus Agency

If you’ve been watching TV, reading online articles or listening to buzz around the web design world, you’ve probably heard of a new company called SquareSpace. A web publishing platform, SquareSpace touts ease of usability, fresh templates and domain hosting all within an affordable package. The concept isn’t new – there are older DIY platforms that offer similar services such as Wix, Weebly, Google Sites, and (our favorite) WordPress.

Ingredients of a Successful Gym Website

In the current business environment, every business must have a powerful online presence if it is to grow its client base. This rule also applies to gym owners and fitness centers as they are no exception to the modern business operational environment.

B2B Confidential: Why Is Web Design So Expensive?

(*And how to keep costs down). Recent technology improvements have made affordable web design easier than ever but some businesses mistakenly cut costs on their website development which leaves their sites neglected and ailing.

Why Word-Of-Mouth Businesses Desperately Need Good Websites

While your business might come through personal connections, potential clients will want to check out your services before contacting you. A dated or confusing website can stall new business.

Importance of a Website for the Business

A website that has been designed professionally can do many things. It helps to instill confidence because it shows whether the owner of the website cares about the business or not. Many of the potential customers abandon shopping carts simply because the website does not feel professional.

What Is Responsive Web Design and Does Your Website Need It?

I am sure you have already heard the term “responsive web design”. Some people use this term to prove that they have a modern website; however, most people do not truly understand what responsive web design is all about. After reading this article you will have a clear understanding of this technique and you will be able to find out whether or not it makes sense for your own website.

Things to Consider When Designing Navigation for Your Website

With abundant information available on Internet today, people do not hesitate to close your website and move to another, if they do not find information they are looking for on your website. According to Forrester research, 50% of potential sales are lost because users cannot find information on website and 40% do not return to websites because of negative experience during their first visit.

What Are Features Of A Well-Designed Website?

There are few features that are necessary for designing a website. These features not only make the website look good but also help the visitors navigate through it easily. This article highlights some of these features that are essential for every website hosted over the internet.

Scoops To Choose The Right Web Design Company

Every business owner dreams of a good website for his company. There are many companies that promise to offer the best to their customers. How to choose the better from the best? Here are some tips to help the readers.

The Latest Web Design Trends Of 2013

If you are planning to build a website for your company, make sure you know about the latest designing trends. If you are seeking professional help to build a website for your business, hire them only if they have good knowledge about these trends. This article highlights some of these popular trends in the field of website designing.

How Can Web Design Experts Help Improve Your Business

Having a wonderful website created by web design experts can surely make your businesses better. It can also help your business improve its reputation and gain more clients.

5 Tips to Use When Improving a Website Design

Website designs truly play a crucial role when it comes to generating more virtual visitors for a website. A website design is very important when it comes to the marketing of websites in such a way that it can not only entice more audiences, but also pursue them to stay on the website. Thus, it is able to generate more traffic to your website with possible paying customers within them.

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