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Heading Tags Not Appearing in Internet Explorer 9?

I used a friend’s computer earlier to do something quick on this site and saw that none of my heading tags were appearing in his browser (Internet Explorer 9). This was a bit distressing considering anyone browsing my site using IE 9 since it came on the block, so for about 4 months now, was seeing my site without any heading tags.

When It’s Time to Globalise Your Business – Design Your Website With an Expert

Your business is doing well. Now is the time to expand. It’s time to go beyond the local and even the national market, Time to go global.

Some Questions to Ask Your Web Design Company Before Handing Over the Project

In order to evaluate the web design company you are going to hire you need to ask some questions. These questions will help you evaluate the abilities of the company. You could make a questionnaire and ask them one by one in order to evaluate the web design company.

What Is Direct Response Web Design?

Do you need a website? Or do you have an existing website, and it is not creating leads or converting sales? If answered “yes” to one of these questions, then this article is perfect resource for you. In this article, we will discuss why most websites fail and what you can do to have a website that is a profit center for your business.

What Are the Different Types of Websites

Before you start designing a website, you must identify different types of websites. This article explains what are the different types of websites, how to choose a type and what to choose from.

Some Important Factors to Consider When You Choose Your Web Design Company

In order to win in the competitive environment of e-commerce, you need to have the best possible web site. If you want the best website designed, you need to find the best web design company you could find. There are certain aspects that you need to consider when choosing your web design company.

Designing A Website That Visitors Trust

It’s very easy when developing a website to get carried away with producing a flamboyant design. However, there are three key principles to bear in mind if you want the website to win the trust of visitors.

With All This Social Media, Don’t Forget the Importance of Having a Website

Why do you need a website when a Facebook page is free? In this article, we discuss the Facebook versus Website Question.

How to Commission a Website

Knowing how to commission your website design can be the difference between make and break for your business or organisation if you rely on your online presence. This guide will make sure you get the best design for your time and money.

Pave a Path for More Profits With Minisites

Having a minisite is more like casting a net in an area where you know you will find the kind of fish you are looking for and using bait that only those fishes that you want will take a bite of. This allegory attempts to define minisites as small, niche specific sites. Anyone who is in that site wants to be in that site so much so that some will pay for the privilege to become members.

Church Web Design – Common Mistakes to Avoid

Many churches today are realizing how effective and helpful a good church website can be. However, many churches do not make the most of their websites because of bad design problems. No doubt, if you’re spending the time and money on website creation for your church, you want to have a site that provides good results. Many mistakes are made along the way with church web design that make websites less than effective. Here is a look at some of the most common mistakes made that you want to avoid so you can enjoy a quality website for your church.

The Advantages Of Using Website Templates

Web design templates are a popular means of creating professional looking websites. The article considers the advantages of the template approach to web design projects and highlights any drawbacks.

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