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You Need to Know the Age of Your Website Vistors

The age of your website visitors will influence the design of your pages. Older readers have different reading strategies than younger ones.

Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Increased Success

Your landing page is critical when it comes to your business’s success. It is important that your landing page has the most up-to-date and appropriate information possible. You should look at it and assess its effectiveness and improve content periodically.

Professional Web Designer – How to Find the Right Designer for You

When hiring a web design business you ought to do an easy search for their company name over the web. If there is any type of adverse evaluations for the company, you should be able to quickly discover them and you will certainly then understand to prevent working with the business. This could save you a ton of hassle in the long run.

A Guide to Becoming a Junior Designer

As any junior designer, you want to give yourself the best start to launching your career. A career as a designer is exciting for anyone interested in the digital communication field and can be highly rewarding for those who are passionate about what they do. There are some things as a junior designer you can do to make yourself more valuable and indispensable to design agencies.

Must Know Facts About Web Design

Website design is the most fundamental requirement when you have a business online. A professional website design makes a website good-looking, user-friendly and maintenance free.

7 Things to Do After Creating New Content on Your Website

Promoting new content is as important as creating it. Utilizing multiple methods to spread the word about your newly created content will help you extend its reach and grow your audience.

Affordable Website

In this article I will tell you how to increase you business by having a website. This will help you to reach new customers and increase your business presence.

The Front Page Essentials (Part One)

When constructing the front page, you want it to be eye-catching and effective. Getting things just right can be a pain, though. Do I stay strictly professional? Can I add a little personality? And if I do, how much character is too much character? These are some tricky questions with no real cut-and-dry answers. While every business is going to be unique, there are some common things that should be on the front page of your site in order to make it really successful.

How to Integrate Effective Calls to Action in Your Web Design

Your website is one of the primary marketing tools for your business. You must take full advantage of it so it can help you convert visitors into leads, then on to prospects and finally, customers. This can be done by integrating a call to action or CTA in your web design.

Do I Need a Design Degree to Get a Junior Design Job?

This is probably the most commonly asked question among the junior designers trying to take the big step into the design industry; or any creative field for that matter, whether it be graphic design, digital design, interior design or photography. It is generally thought – especially by those trying to get into the industry – that you’ll never ever get your break if you haven’t got a piece of paper worth three years of your life and a hell of a lot of money. In all honestly, I can answer the question of this chapter in a single two letter word; no!

Habits of Effective Junior Designers

Characteristics of good designers include a lot more than just raw talent. To be an effective junior designer, you need a few skills and attributes that will make you stand out from your classmates. If you work hard at the following skills, you will be become extremely valuable as a junior designer to potential employers and clients when searching for design work. Often, having talent will only get you so far before you are expected to up your game as a junior designer. Making yourself indispensable is your ultimate goal as a junior designer. If you have these design skills, you’re on the right track to success:

Make It Easy Working With a Digital Media Agency

If technology is not your strong point, it can be very intimidating to work with a digital media agency during the planning, design and development of your corporate website. I have sketched out a simple to follow guide in the hope that it makes life easier for all parties involved during the process.

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