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Web Tech – When Do I Upgrade WordPress?

There have been many updates to WordPress in the last few months, which can cause some confusion and leads to questions about when (and how) to upgrade. The latest update, as of this writing, is a major jump, to 3.7.1. The main question people ask is, “Do I upgrade right away?” In this article, we make recommendations as to when and how to do your update.

Are WordPress Plugins Working Against You?

Using plugins to enhance WordPress is a well accepted practice. But can they be detrimental in the long-term? Let’s take a look at a long-established plugin to see if it could have far-reaching negative effects when it comes to search engine acceptance.

Designing Your Own Logo

The logo of a company breathes life into its image in the market. A logo literally defines your company to a visual onlooker and thus creates a ‘first impression’ of your company.

The Latest Web Designing Trends for 2013-14

When it comes to technology, the only thing constant about it is that it keeps changing all the time. When I say ‘latest trends’ in web designing, I actually mean all the new changes that we now need to learn and use when it comes to designing websites that will be up to the mark and much more.

The Secret Key to Successful Ecommerce Website Design

‘Ecommerce’ has become the latest mantra to success when it comes to online business. Nothing can beat the prospects that this established yet prospering industry has to offer. Almost every store we know of has opted for creating a virtual presence of it and so, there’s really no end to the all new ‘Ecommerce’ that we see today.

Finding the Right Type of Website Design for Your Small Business

The way in which we do business is rapidly changing and to give your business the best chance of success, it means going digital. Finding the right mix of digital tools for your small business can be confusing and costly if you don’t get the formula right.

Top 5 Tips to Design a Remarkably Excellent Web Page

When you are all set to design your website, there are a few ‘magic tricks’ you need to know so you have viewers addicted to your page. This isn’t a tough job; it’s all about a great strategy and planning.

Web Designing Made Easy

Did you know that any user browsing through the internet needs to be engaged with your website within a few seconds only? How can you make a user choose your website when there are millions of websites out there offering similar content and services?

Responsive Web Design Is The Future

Back in the old days, which is just ten years back in the online realm, people used only computers to access the Internet. In other words, the computer was the only device that had the capability to hook onto the Internet. When web designers created the layout for a website, they had to keep monitor sizes and resolutions in mind.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Website Vs HTML

Gradually, WordPress has more or less been able to outdo the traditional static HTML website. In a comparison between WordPress and the traditional HTML website, the former proves better by far. With so many businesses going online every day, the need for easy to use systems has led to innovation of an easy-to-use, yet very effective platform.

How to Get Your Website Design Noticed

Want to highlight your website design and get the attention you deserve? Here are some ideas, including hosting a competition on your site and winning website design awards.

How To Choose A Good Ecommerce Website Development Company

This is where choosing a good ecommerce site development service provider is required. While in the act of choosing, you must be aware that your final selection must fulfill the discussed criteria.

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