How to Add a Navigation Menu in WordPress

Essential Principles of Good Web Design

A website design has to be good enough to be able to get all the exposure that the site deserves. To beat the competition, gain visibility on the search engines and enhance user experience, the web designer should follow some essential principles of a good web design- balance, spacing, navigation, typography, relevance, alignment and sharpness.

How to Get Yourself a Website

In the increasingly techy world, your company website is the new face of your business. So it is very important how your customers (or visitors in general) see you, and feel about you. Presenting your ideas like we are back in the 90’s and interacting with your visitors in the same way, can have worse effect than not having a website at all. There are many ways on how to get your self a new website, but choosing the right one is the dilemma.

How To Do A Website For Free – The Jigsaw Puzzle

All the pieces of the puzzle on how to do a website for free. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your own domain? Learn about the tools and free software available.

What Is Website Design?

The process of creating a web page/site is called web designing. The language usually includes HTML (hypertext markup language, DHTML (dynamic hypertext markup language), ASP (active server pages) etc. The process has elements like:

Design Company – 8 Tips For Hiring A Good Graphic Design Company

Choosing the right graphic design firm or logo design expert can be a breeze for business owners attuned to the heart of their business. However, for those yet to identify their target market, business development goals and branding strategy correctly, it can be a daunting task. But, help is at hand!

What Is the Best Programming Language to Use When Building Websites?

If you are going to be building a website you may want to know what the best programming language is to use. The answer is not really that easy to give. The type of programming language you use really will depend on what you are trying to accomplish.

Web Design Communities

Web Design – The page that you see on the web browser is created by web designers who make use of text, images, digital media and interactive elements. This planning and creating of a website is nothing but Web Design. Usually HTML is used for the structure of the website and CSS for presentation.

Using Templates For Your New Website

Templates for web design are available for free and should be used for web design by beginners. They are great for making sites for a part time business or for personal interests. Free Software is also available that works with these templates.

10 Types of Photoshop Brushes and the Ways to Use Them in Website Design

Adobe Photoshop is a great web designing software and web designers all over the world love to use it. This article discusses usage of Photoshop brushes in website design. It highlights on 10 types of Photoshop brushes and discusses their specialty in detail.

Custom Web Design – 3 Practical Tips For Choosing A Good Web Design Company

In today’s web-oriented business world, every smart business owner knows the worth of a professionally designed website, which offers consumers a visually appealing, safe and fun online platform to browse and shop at leisure.   New-age web marketing and business processes utilized by e-commerce sites have further added to the advantages of online shopping, which combines ease of use, savings on time, effort and money (many websites offer deals, discounts and loyalty coupons to repeat or regular customers and site visitors offering referrals) and none of the hassles of visiting local businesses, looking for a parking spot and…

The Top Website Design Companies Prefer Focusing on Easy to Use Web Designs

It is always said and done that simple things are easy to understand. Without going into much complexity and time wasting efforts, the best web design and development companies rather prefers putting their minds on simple and effective website designs.

The Ultimate Basics of Web Design

When facing the task of web design the best thing to do is to hire a professional web designer. Web design is not something that an amateur should attempt to approach by himself. Web design is a complex process of putting content, images and graphics together with a complex programming in the background.

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