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Web History and Promise

Gone are the days when we thought of the web as the structure woven by spiders as their “house” and prey trap at the same time. Or the structural design of the duck’s or the frog’s feet that help them paddle and swim. But no reason to get nostalgic. After all, only very small fragments remain manifested in our conscious mind of the firsts we had experienced in grade school. What with the whirlwind of activities and tasks we now have to undertake every day just to be able to co-exist with the quick-wit modern human?

The Web – Good Or Evil?

The Web easily lost its magic. It was so easily accessible and enjoyable that in no time at all, it became a commonplace necessity. Then it became a vice, an addiction. We raise eyebrows when we meet people – acquaintances and friends – who do not know anything about the Internet. Everybody seems to be in it and people practically get crazy when he or she cannot go online. The introduction of social networking websites brought the Internet to such a craze that anything and everything is made to happen though websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Freedom, Morality and The Web

The Web has made research so convenient, efficient and inexpensive. You just have to open a digital encyclopaedia and voila! Your research material appears like magic. And also like magic, you can filter your research resource or select only the data you need, then copy-paste them onto a new digital document that you can easily print for submission or use within minutes. If you want an updated version of the research data, surfing the Web produces desired results in the same ease you experience with your local digital source.

Business On The Web

Want to know where on Earth Woy Woy is? Just Google it and you instantly get a map which points to it and locate it with map coordinates. Want a 3D photo of Woy Woy? Use Google Earth and you can view buildings, streets and even shrubbery and trees in Woy Woy from any angle you wish to view them. There also are textual data of culture, government, history, politics, population and other official information along with its tourist destinations and potentials.

Local Business? Use Your Advantage With Your Local Business Website

For a local brick and mortal business, the internet can be a scary place. It’s large, it’s global, and large, global companies spend so much time and resources on their web presence you are left wondering how you can even make a dent with your local business website. Well in the eyes of Google, the undisputed current leader in search engines, you do have one advantage. You are a local business.

Web Design and Its Advantage

Web design can simply be described as a way of creating or coming up with web pages better know as web sites. Web design can be done either through the use of HTML which is a computer language that is used to write the web. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Another means is through the use of CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is used to dictate how ones web site pages should be laid out or displayed. JavaScript can also be used when developing a web design.

Ways to Design a Superb Logo for Your Company

A logo is an identity of your business. A complex logo with offbeat colors can make your customer look sideways; a simple logo that displays the nature and ethics of your business can make you a favorite of many. Go through some tips on designing a logo and choose the best one for your business.

Affordable Web Design and Management Solutions for Web Business

Good design has the power to boost conversion rates of your website. Choosing the right tone, colors, fonts, and other visual elements all influence whether the customer decides to leave or stick around.

Affordable Website Design – What Are Its Advantages

If you’re searching for an affordable website design, you can find ample online companies that offer professional design services. You can choose from many packages which you think best suit your website without worrying too much about the high expenses.

Web Design – Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Website Designer

If you have a small or medium-sized business, it is very important to have a website designed to properly represent your company. Here are some tips…

Franchise Websites for Nonprofit Organizations and Associations

The Internet is an excellent medium for nonprofit organizations to use for growth and expansion. Nonprofit organizations, particularly charitable organizations, get their funds from a limited number of sources; many of these rely on donations which are voluntary.

The Idiot’s Guide On How To Make A Website For Money

How to make a website for money is something that a lot of budding entrepreneurs with some skills seem to want to do. And it makes sense, once you acquire the skills to create a website you can use it over and over again. You have to gain the knowledge first though. But there are shortcuts. Then you need paying customers. Where do you find them and what do you charge? Let’s find out in this idiot’s guide on how to create a website for money.

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