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Top 10 Habits of a Bad Web Site

Do you have a website that has bad habits? In Search Engine Optimization a few simple details will make all the difference. Diving in via old school channels may be too technical for many people. Google tracks 200+ metrics; who has time for that? This is an article about bad habits and what a normal person can do about it. Are you a business owner who has become frustrated with your website? Do you feel like your web site doesn’t do the things you need it to do? Web sites that are not properly setup and maintained have the same issues your other employees have. Is your website an Ugly Duckling, a Chatterbug or a Couch Potato? The purpose of this article is to help you review possible flaws in the design of a web site. Once you’ve done so, you can have a big effect by making targeted corrections that are less expensive and easier to implement.

A Checklist of Things to Think About When You Want to Get a Website for Your Small Business

Getting a website for your small business can be a great idea and an easy way to increase the brand awareness of your business and possibly increase your sales. If you do it wrong however it can potentially damage your brand and do nothing for your sales efforts let alone the money and time that you will invest. Whether you get a small business website from a web design company or you do it yourself with one of the many free template systems that are around there are a number of relatively easy things that might help to increase the effectiveness of your site.

Functional Requirements Before Web Design When Building a New Website

I know right now after reading the title of this article you may be asking yourself function before design? Mark, you have to be crazy? The world is all visual and that has to be the most important part of any new website.

Increasing Brand Awareness Through Website Design

Almost all companies, large or small, now have a website in order to build or enhance brand image and encourage visitors to become new customers. The website design for a company should stand out from its competitors and display clearly which industry it is working in, its ethos and excellent content to keep any visitor interested and informed.

HTML Troubleshooting – Bullet Point Lists

Bullet points are a great way of allowing readers to scan a page and quickly find the information they need. Bulleted lists are created for websites using HTML coding. This article explains the different types of lists which may be created with HTML coding.

Inspire Your Customers With Creative Logo Designs

A creative logo design provides the necessary oomph factor for magnetizing customers. Not only does a captivating logo form the very crux of a brand’s product identification strategy, but it is also instrumental in converting an intrigued viewer into a prospective buyer.

Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Website

There are times when you need to add color to your website to make a statement, draw attention or create a more visually stimulating site. The best advice is to follow the golden rule of color: use restraint. Unless you’re creating a sixties revival site or a psychedelic tribute page, you don’t want your pages to run wild with color. Here are some ways to inject a splash of color without letting it take over your web page.

Why and When to Redesign Your Company Website

In the ever-innovative world of Internet and technologies, companies need to find a way to attract new customers and to retain the old ones as well as make new valuable partnerships. All this is possible with the right representation on the web. The design of every company site is vital for being on top of the game. Unfortunately, many companies do not pay enough attention to that and end up with old-fashioned looking and stale website, thus leading them to eventual under performance even if they have the best product in the segment they operate in. In this article we review the reasons why and cases when you may think about redesigning and refreshing your company online look.

Top Rated 6 WordPress Must-Have Plug-Ins

WordPress is fast becoming the most popular choice as a platform for building a website. Business owners want to be able to do their own updates quickly and easily without having to go back and forth to their web-designer.

Tips When Creating Your Own Website

If you have been planning on creating your own website for a while but have been unsure of how to go about it, then you will be happy to know that there are several easy ways to do so. The ease of making a website has altered dramatically over the years and irrespective of what you need the website for, you can easily make one now.

Getting the Best Out of Your Site Design

If you would like to save up on thousands of dollars and create your own website, you should know that it is not impossible. There are several platforms such as WordPress where you can create your website. When people set out to make websites, they are normally trying to sell or promote some service or product.

Basics of Building a Website

When you set out to build a website, you are looking at making a profitable one. Now you can either hire a professional to build the website for you at a price that can be anywhere between $1000 to $3000 for a simple site, to something much more depending on what you want out of it. If you are working on a budget, then you will need more time in order to plan well and put into use better practices to get yourself a good site to get going.

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