How to Add an Interactive Map in WordPress

CAPTCHA – Are You Human Or Computer?

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. At one glance, it sounds like rocket science; however, in another five minutes time you will agree that you not only knew about it but have also used it a dozen times.

How Do Recent Graduates Of Web Design Actually Get A Job In The Industry?

Hey smarty pants, you’ve just graduated college and you’re ready to enter the real world and start earning some even ‘realer’ cash. How will you find a job?

Best Tips For A Secure Website Design

The whirlwind world of technology The speed at which technology is progressing is simply mind-blowing. Almost on a regular basis, we find new devices making an appearance.

The Most Important Aspect of Any Website Is to Define and Achieve a Stated Objective

A website is a dynamic entity always at the first level of interface between the business and its customers. The most important aspect of any website development is to define its aim or purpose as accurately as possible.

Keeping Your Website Design Cost Minimal

If you visit your designer with no ideas or plans for your site, you will pay higher costs if they charge per hour. If you want to minimize your costs, do the following before your first consultation.

The Elements of Web Design and Development

While making a website, there are two key elements that should be given more importance, design and development. A website is a reflection of a brand’s image in the industry. Whenever a user visits a website, the first thing that he observes, is the appeal of the web design, next comes the usability. If a website is not user-friendly then the user will not visit the internal pages. Thus, it is essential to have a simple navigation and highlight features that can ease the search of a user.

Why Experimenting With Designer Fonts Help Your Website

Have you ever wondered about the readability aspect of your website? What do you think makes readers wish to come and read your content? While the design and layout are definite crowd pullers, the typography you use make sure viewers are not repulsed and stay on to read your content.

Why Minimalistic Design May Be a Good Idea for Your Website

Have there been moments of horror when you look at your Website Landing Page? Then maybe it is time that you rethink and redesign your landing page layout.

Tips To Choose The Best Web Design Company

The blogosphere has expanded the modes of communication in countless ways. Millions of businesses are solely run on the internet without any physical address. Consumers are presented with endless opportunities to choose from a wide array of service and goods being presented on the internet.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Website Redesigned

A website should always be according to the latest market trends and the owners must take steps in keeping it one step ahead of the competitors. Here are top reasons why your should opt for a website redesign.

Tips for Learning PSD to HTML5/CSS Conversion

Designing and developing a website involves a distinct set of activities. Both, however, are dependent on each other to deliver the finished product. Your design activities involve your aesthetic and creative genius to help you deliver a clean and beautiful website using Photoshop, the popular image editing tool from Adobe.

The Importance of a Good Graphic Designer

A good design is the core element of any online business. Whenever a user visits a website one of the primary things that appeal them the most is its design. Next comes the usability and other elements of a business. Entrepreneurs either make and develop a website in-house or outsource a service provider to do the needful. Some of the common advantages of outsourcing web design and development services are:

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