How to Add and Customize Admin Columns in WordPress

Custom Web Solution: Your Best Bet for Better Web Presence

There is an ongoing debate whether open source (free) or custom web solution (not totally free) is good. As with everything else, each has its merits and demerits. But if you want better web presence then customized solution is maybe a safe bet.

The First Step Towards The Success Of the Business Is Hiring the Best Joomla Development Agency

While hiring Joomla Development Company, The samples of the previous work of agency can reveal the quality of the projects delivered in the past. Along with the cost, quality of the projects also matters a lot.

Building a WordPress Website

These days every single business and organization needs a website for their effective functioning. Even individuals have their very own websites. Therefore, you should know how to build a WordPress website or any website for that matter.

Should A Web Designer Post Their Price Lists Online?

When web designers come across one of their fellows during their perusal of the internet, they often gasp in horror when they find that this designer has posted a list of their prices right there on the site. This sort of reaction is commonplace amongst creative circles who do not agree with the concept, but is horror really the deserved response? Believe it or not, there are actually a number of advantages associated with posting your prices on your website.

Choosing the Right Web Designer

Why is choosing the right design essential? A good design is essential for a good web site. It must be genuine and appealing to catch the attention of customers. Your web design must be suitable to the type of business you represent, whether it is a small business, personal business or e-commerce.

Help! Where Are My Website Images?

This article explains a couple common problems with website images and why they may not work correctly when you build a new website. This article can save you some time and frustration especially if you are starting or building a new website.

How to Make Your Products Fly Off of the (Virtual) Shelves

If you were manager of a store like Tesco Express or the Co-Op, then one of the biggest aspects of your job would be to make sure that you organized the stock and the layout of the store in general in a way that was highly conducive to sales and that would encourage people to discover your products and offers and to buy, buy, buy. And it would be your job meanwhile to ensure that the products they bought were the right ones – the ones that you had large quantities of, or the ones that you got the most…

Trends on Web Design in 2012

2012 is filled with new styles when it comes to web design. With the year almost half through, what have been the standouts which have been predicted before the year began? Touchscreen has been indulged with the proliferation of mobile devices, web designs have grown to be adaptable whether for big or small screen, WordPress has launched it’s 3.0 version, circles is found to be an eye-catching shape plus much more magazines are going online.

Is Your Website Filling Your Ego Or Your Wallet?

Do you want a website that is designed to attract the maximum amount of visitors? Read this article to learn more about how the right layout can be the most effective way to bring more people to your website!

Website Re-Design: Should You or Shouldn’t You

Thinking or re-designing your webpage? Check out the following questions you should be asking before taking the plunge.

Who Would Best Design Web Pages?

Being mindful of the number of factors will greatly assist you in selecting the best web design company for your business needs. It is important to go through these aspects of your web design.

Significant Tools For Responsive Website Design

The significance of a responsive web design has increased dramatically in the previous years. At the present instead of personal computers people are increasing using smartphones, tablets and netbooks for browsing internet.

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