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Website Design – A Practical Approach To Use Fitts’ Law

Fitts’ law says “the closer and larger a target, the faster it is to click on that target”. This is well known school of thought in website design. Let’s explore it further.

Understanding the Web Design Process and Its Advantage

The web design process is not just coding and designing new layouts for websites. There’s planning all throughout the process to build a successful and beneficial website. The initial step in the process is to determine what you want to achieve with the web page, like directly sell products and create a brand name or provide an online application. As you determine your chief purpose, you’ll have to stick to it during the process since it will be modified to other identified purpose later.

What Makes a Great Web Design?

Every web designer aims to build an appealing, easily accessible and functional website. Building such a website demands excellent web design, simple and perceptive site navigation, understandable site lay-out and fine web copy. There are important factors to consider in designing a site so every web designer should know about them.

Guide to Online Web Design Schools

The world of online design schools is a thrilling one. Formal training as a young web designer can help kick start your career and give you a great foundation of technical skills you’re going to need in a real-world design environment. Having the formal education will greatly improve your chances of landing employment after graduation or even going full-time freelance. Online web design school will give you the ability and skills to design, develop and create websites that are functional, beautiful and timeless. It will also help you understand and implement new technologies and techniques into your web designs. Like any online design school, you’re probably wondering what the best options/schools are. Below, we will discuss some criteria you need to go over below selecting the appropriate online web design school for your career.

A Guide to Presenting Yourself on Twitter for Design Students

Being connected to what is happening online can be one of the most beneficial actions you can take for your future. Having a well-rounded web presence through your personal brand can help you gain more followers, connect with designers and build credibility as a student. In this section, we’ll go through how to appropriately present yourself on Twitter as a design student and why people do or don’t follow you.

Top 5 Myths About Young Web Designers

Myths about the design world are rampant. Unfortunately, student designers end up getting the brunt of the assumptions due to the fact that most students are inexperienced, young and unprofessional. These myths are not always true and need to be addressed.

5 Things to Avoid While Attending Design School

A good web design education teaches courses on technology, solid design principles and the art of communication as a designer. When it comes to being a web designer, there is no formula for success, but there are some things you can avoid that will hinder your success as a designer while still in school. A degree or certificate can open many doors for you if you take the proper precautions before you graduate.

How to Get Started in the Web Design Industry

The Internet has exploded in growth over the last couple years – which means jobs are abundant in the web design field. Any business who wants to continue growing or maintaining business needs a good web presence, which means web designers are in high demand. There are ample opportunities, but if you don’t have the proper training, it can be hard to get started. There are some integral aspects of starting a career in web design that will be crucial to your success.

Follow These Six Pieces Of Advice For Interactive Web Design

When you design a website, one of your main goals should be visitor interaction. While different business niches will approach this differently and in varying degrees, it is definitely a major component of web design. Continue reading to find out more, and follow these six pieces of advice for interactive web design.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Designing a Website

When it comes time to build and launch a new website, you want to distinguish yours from the millions of other ones available at the click of a button. It can seem a daunting task even to the most seasoned web developer. However, there are a few common mistakes that tend to show up over and over again, and they are ones that you want to avoid at all costs. Read on for some insights on how to bypass these concerns and build a site that works for you.

Five Reasons You Should Avoid Using Flash For Your Website

In the past, most people that wanted to add animation to their websites used Macromedia Flash. Nowadays, people avoid using it unless it is absolutely necessary. You do not want to rely heavily on it to build your website. Here are five reasons why using Flash is not such a great idea.

Discover the Secrets of Using Architecture to Design the Perfect Website

Just about anyone can create a website in a few hours, but to create a website that is going to look and feel right, and drive strong waves of visitors to it, you need to take time to go over the fine details. This article serves as a guide to help you find out what you need to do for success. Use these tricks to save time and still get amazing results.

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