How to Add Stripe Donate Button in WordPress

Web Design And Its Importance

The current enthusiasm of modern men about the web world is terrific. The cyber world is gaining the legacy of being the platform where enormous community of people belonging to different parts of the world could be gathered. People are flocking into this sphere for every kind of activities ranging from business to leisure.

Logo Designing – Points To Follow For Professionals?

Logos have long represented brands and companies, but many a times, designers often fail to understand the different between a logo and picture. It is not always necessary that the logo has to be something in which the company is involved in.

Corporate Identity Design: What Is It and Why Is It Important to Your Business?

In the competitive market world wherein customers have infinite options obtainable to them, a business must have a line of attack to set up a solid existence in the marketplace. A corporate identity design can help achieve your business these objectives. Several business owners believe that an identifiable logo or slogan is enough to represents the values and quality of their businesses; conversely, that is only a single piece among many things that build up your business.

5 Reasons Not to Use a Template Website

Templates websites seem to be the easy option (and cheapest) when it comes to setting up your business online. But are they the best option? This article looks at why you shouldn’t use them.

Professional Web Design Is Becoming Easier

We all want our websites to look as though the development and web design was done professionally, but hiring a professional to handle the development can cost you a pretty penny. Luckily, there are alternatives that you can use that will give you that professional-development look, without that professional web design bill. 4 Great DIY Website Creation Services It has become easier than ever to achieve the web design you have in mind.

Key Factors Of Graphic Designing!

One of the simplest yet captivating ways of communicating is through graphics. In fact, graphics have become one of the most widely used tools to represent images. Graphics not only help in creating visual appeal but it also helps in generating interest in the best possible manner. With everything just a click away, graphics play a very vital role in online communication.

How to Choose the Right Images for Your Small Business Website

When visiting a small business website, people naturally gravitate first towards color and imagery. These elements, more than the amount or quality of text provided, will influence their all-important first impression. A harmonious blend of images, color, and placement of content always trumps a website that looks jumbled, haphazardly composed or thrown together on the fly.

What Is the “Look and Feel” of a Website? And Why It’s Important

What is the “Look and Feel” of a website? In its most basic terms, the “look and feel” of a website is how the site looks to the user and how it feels when he or she is interacting with it.

What Requirements Does A Government CMS Have To Meet?

When creating a government website, from the instance of the content management system to the server have to be looked at. For a government organization, it is necessary to have a staging environment where content can be previewed and approved internally before it goes live.

10 Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

These days people are using mobile devices to access the internet more often than ever before, and the trend shows no signs of changing or slowing down. In fact, Google has said that by the end of 2014 they expect people to be accessing the internet via their mobile device more than anything else, including PCs. This has big implications for you if your site isn’t mobile friendly. If your site isn’t functional on a mobile device, you’re immediately cutting out more than half of your potential traffic.

Making An Event Ticketing Website

A website is a good ground for you to get to interact with various people and know what they think about certain things. Therefore, when it comes to ticket selling, it is a promising tool to enable you make the most of online business opportunities. The basic issue about websites is understanding how you can first create one.

Creating A Website – Easy Steps To Follow

Time is of the essence and as such, it is crucial to learn how to do things effectively in an era dominated by the mighty arm of technology. With the internet, it is easy to get access to so many things. You can carry out extensive research about practically anything in the world.

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