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4 Reasons To Optimise Your About Page

Many businesses do not understand the importance of a cohesive and up-to-date ‘About Us’ page. For many existing customers the ‘About Us’ page is the most important page on your website. Most existing customers already know about your services or products. For many the reason for locating you on the internet will be to find a contact number or and address or a means of reaching you. The ‘About Us’ page is a great place to combine this vital information with more engaging information on the company.

How Do You Tell If The Web Designer Is Up To It?

When push comes to shove, building a good quality small business website requires a little more than just designing something pretty. Potential customers should be able to come across the website. As a pretty web site without visitor, does nothing for your business.

Creating A Website Can Be Fun

Sometimes “work” can be a four letter word. Creating a website can take a lot of time and thought especially if you don’t exactly know what you are doing. Don’t let this get you down because creating anything, even a website, can be a lot of fun.

Creating A Webpage With 4 Thoughts In Mind

Creating a webpage can be as simple as using a basic template and adding predesigned objects or it can be as complex as you want it to be. Regardless of your talent, you can create a great looking page. If you use the Internet on a regular basis, you will have seen some websites that you enjoyed looking at and there were are some that, well, just need some help.

Create A Webpage With Fun In Mind

Can you create a webpage that is fun? How often do you search the Internet and the pages you find are boring and don’t excite your mind? The major corporations spend big money on making their pages look just right. You may not have tons of money to do what the “big boys” do, but there are a number of things that you can do to make your site look great!

Website Secrets – Why Is Audience So Important in Website Design?

Every good web designer knows the better you know your audience the more effective your web design will be. You need to have a GOOD understanding of who your audience is in order to truly appeal to them. How old are they? Are they a particular gender? What is their income bracket? Do they have defined spending or purchasing habits? Are they political? What are their motives for seeking out your website?

Website Design to Promote Your Business

Many things are written about website design, mostly online. All these material references point to an enumeration and definition of what a website is and its parts. Most of the write-ups on website design tackle tips on how to make a good website, including the website’s perceived impact to its audience or users, but nowhere is it dissected for its reason for being.

Service Design – Win-Win Technology

Service Design may have been a relatively old concept as it had its roots dating back to even earlier than the 1990s when it was first recognised and accepted as a distinct and separate discipline. Before the 1990s, it was integrated into the marketing and management divisions of large corporations. Smaller enterprises did not yet appreciate the importance of service design for their rather micro- and small-scale businesses, due perhaps to the complicated and very technical terms attached to its definition. And also maybe because of the ostensibly high-cost of engaging such a highly-sophisticated technology.

Church Websites Design – What Do You Need in Your Design?

Even though a lot of designers will tell you church websites are the same as any other site out there, they’re completely wrong. There is a huge difference between them, and today we want to share those with you. It will allow you to figure out everything you need to start your new church website. Plus, it’s going to help you gain new members to your congregation.

Church Website Templates – Should You Try a Customized Template or a Standard Choice?

Unfortunately this is the type of question you’re going to answer yourself. However, we can provide you with plenty of pros and cons to each one of your choices. Hopefully it gives you all the necessary help needed to make the right decision. There are tons of church website templates available, but these tips will keep you from being overwhelmed.

Church Websites – What Can You Do to Set Yourself Apart From All the Rest?

There are several church websites on the Internet today. Then again; there are plenty of others that have no intention of creating a website for their congregation. We understand both views, but in our opinion it is extremely important to have one for your church. It’s also a good idea to do things that will set you apart from all the rest.

Before Making Any Design Decisions You Should Gather Your Website Content

Content gathering can be a time consuming and tedious process, if you decide to employ a web designer, they will charge you extra for the hours spent creating and gathering content. It is best if you can gather content yourself, after all who best knows you business but you?

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