How to Ask Google to Recrawl URLs of Your WordPress Site

How You Can Use Color to Increase Your Website Conversions

Whether we’re aware of it or not, color has a great impact on the way that we act and make decisions. If you would like to understand how you can use color to increase your website conversions, continue reading. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and worth your time.

The Vital Characteristics Of Great Homepage Images

A successful modern website needs to have a great and attractive homepage image. But how do you select a perfect one for your website? Read more to find out.

Important Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Good Web Designer for Your Website

Designing a website is not an everyday affair. It is an important and tedious undertaking which requires a lot of effort, costs a wad of cash and if not done properly can backfire badly. Here are some gems of advice which if followed by all and sundry will ensure that the process of web design is both enjoyable and productive. Taking the above factors into serious consideration will ensure that the returns on investment are not just favorable, but quite stellar.

Must Have Skills For All Logo Designers

A good logo does not have to be complex, but rather, it should be something which is simply unique so that it will be memorable to everyone who sees it. It is common knowledge to most designers that a good logo should be relevant, outstanding and fashionable; fashionable here implies that the logo should not look outdated. Below are some of the essential skills that will be needed by a designer who can meet these user expectations.

The Backbone of an Ideal Responsive Website

A website is a collaborated collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files which starts off with a homepage. An organization or an individual provides the person with their homepage address through which the person can visit their website efficiently.

Conversion Optimisation, Why Is It So Important?

A lot of focus in the internet marketing world is on increasing traffic through social media and organic search, although this is great to focus on, you could be letting potential customers slip through your fingers if you do not focus on your conversion rate. Increase your conversion rate with this simple help and advice. I have also listed some example conversions if you are struggling to think of what a conversion on your site actually is.

Why an Online Business Needs Attractive Web Designs?

Have you ever noticed that walk-in shoppers love to visit the places or shops which give a posh look? No matter, whether a customer has the money to shop from these high-born places or not but the attractive look would make him visit your website at least for window shopping.

Does Your Website Pass The 5 Second Test?

What determines whether a user stays on your website? Is your target audience clearly receiving your intended message? Within 5 seconds, the usability of your website will determine whether visitors deem your site worthy of their reading time or decide to abandon ship. Failure to pass the 5 second test could mean lost customers and conversion opportunities. Some commonly-made usability mistakes can be easily remedied by checking your site with the guidelines below.

How You Can Improve Your Web Page Performance?

If your website is loading slowly, then you should be prepared to lose customers to sites that perform better. If you are under the misconception that loading speed doesn’t matter, you are wrong. Internet users have a relatively short attention span, which means your page needs to load and load quickly.

How to Make A Mobile Friendly Blog

Tablets and mobile phones are increasingly gaining popularity nowadays and as a result most people are investing on blogs that are configured to be accessed on these mobile devices. The appearance of a mobile blog is not the same as the one that is accessible via a desktop. It will not need to have the fancy banners as well as side bars that are usually part of a desktop accessible blog for it to load fast and be easier to read.

Why Should You Fire Your Web Designer?

Having a website is vital for every small business, but hiring a web designer is very expensive. Article explains how to create a professional website without the help of a web designer.

Does Your Business Really Need a New Website? Check With These Simple Steps

The Software Development in some cases, prepackaged software works for Development for Custom Software companies. Successful businesses need software that is customized to their business processes and specializing in Develop. Custom Software Lab delivers cost-effective and reliable custom business software solutions that are tailored to each and every clients unique goals, requirements and workflow.

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