How to Automatically Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

Essentials of a Good Web Design

A good website can make or break your image in the online world. Make sure that you choose a web design company that understands the aesthetics behind a good website.

Factors That Determine A Highly Usable Website Design

SEO can only ensure that visitors come to your site. But if you are looking to convert these users into customers or ensure that they stay longer, a good website design is essential.

The Role of Graphic Design in Web Designing

Do graphic designers really help to further the cause of web designing? Yes, if done in moderation and with taste.

Becoming a Web Designer From Scratch

The world of web design and development has become quite a high demand service over the past few years. It is a forever changing and adapting business environment that keeps the designer on their toes and creates opportunities for them to express their creative design abilities. Myself entering this new world at complete chance and increasing my skills on my own from scratch (which I think is usually the best way!). I would be lying if I said it was not a challenge as it was, but the knowledge I have acquired has proven to be very rewarding at times…

How To Negotiate A Web Design Budget

One of the biggest problems that web designers come across is a client who wants to negotiate their prices. It can be hard to know what outcome is going to make both yourself and the client happy, and, even after years of practice, it is still possible for web designers to make financially devastating mistakes when it comes to negotiating.

Why Your Small Business Will Benefit From Having a Website

A lot of small business owners generally think that having a website is an expensive luxury and that because their businesses are small, and only cover a local area, they won’t reap the rewards from having an online presence. These are, without any doubt whatsoever, mistaken beliefs. In this article I’ll show you the reasons why your business will benefit from being online.

Website Basics

Every business and organization needs a website. The process of building a website can be as complicated or as simple as you choose. This article will get you started with website basics.

Cascading Style Sheets Basics – Comments and Grouping Selectors

CSS comments, an important thing to know in CSS and Grouping Selectors. Read on to know more.

On-Page SEO Repair Kit

How to fix On-Page SEO With the latest changes in the Google Algorithm, called Panda and Freshness, a lot of websites are getting penalized for poor content and on-page SEO practices. Β Truth of the matter is these sites were probably not performing well anyway.

Usability Is An Important Factor In Web Design

This article explains the importance of usability in your web design. Along with a visually appealing website, user friendly features will ensure user satisfaction on your web page and hence lead to conversions.

Designing A Church Website

An ideal and suitable church website should be designed to be welcoming to visitors. The look and content of your church website should be set up in a certain way. The following tips will show you how to build a suitable website for a church.

How To Start A Website For Free – Create A Website

How to start a website for free is a question asked by thousands if not millions of people day. There are several free tools available to you online in order for you to create a website. We will be discussing a few of these tools needed in order to create a website. But in order for you to have your own website, you will need a domain name and a hosting account, which will cost you a little money.

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