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3 Mistakes a Local Small Business Makes Getting Their First Website

Having a website for your local small business today is no longer an option. Few folks have the yellow pages around any more and are looking to find local businesses on their smart phone, iPad, and laptop. If your business doesn’t have an online home then you’re losing valuable potential income. In my experience, local small businesses struggle with 3 mistakes once they decide to get a website.

Business Benefits of Organizing a Logo Contest

Businesses can brand themselves, save costs and promote their business with the help of logo contests. A logo contest can unearth new talents who would be useful for the company in the future.

CSS – Computer-Based Suck It and See

Some people think that the letters CSS mean Cascading Style Sheets. They could not be more wrong, they stand for Computers: Suck-it-and-see! A few days ago I was having trouble with my site: however much I modified the Cascading Style Sheets that shaped my site nothing appeared to change on the screen.

How You Can Use Graphic Design to Increase Visitor Response

When you begin designing your website, it is important that your logo and website design work together. When properly done, these two elements have the ability to instill trust and confidence in your customers. If you fail at accomplishing this step, your website will not appear credible and an estimated 90% of visitors will leave within a few minutes.

How Content Management Systems Make the Web Easier to Manage

Content Management Systems (CMS), are systems or set of tools and applications used to control and organize the content of a websites. They usually include a couple of fundamental elements: the CMA (Content Management Application), and the CDA (Content Delivery Application). The CMA permits a user to quickly handle the data of the web site without the understanding of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language- the markup that is used to make documents on the web) without requiring the know-how of a web developer.

3 Effective Web Design Tips to Improve Site Conversions

A high-quality website is certainly more about just the aesthetics and colour scheme. A well-designed and thought out website needs to offer a simple navigational structure and complete ease in use for the visitor. If you are looking to create sales or leads on a business website it will certainly help to take the necessary steps to create a website that is able to give a very user-friendly experience.

4 Basics for Responsive Web Design

If you want to make certain of retaining the interest of your online visitors, you really want to make sure you have a website deployed that is simple to navigate, user-friendly, and free of clutter. A well-designed website using the right layout and design features is certain to be highly desirable.

Why Great Design Matters

There are thought to be more than a billion individual websites in the world, and no matter what industry you are in, it is vitally important to make an impression on your customers if you want them to choose you in front of your competitors. Having a professionally designed website is only one of many factors that will have an impact on someone choosing to work with you rather than someone else, but it is without doubt one of the easiest that you can control in both the short and long term.

Steps to Trademark a Logo

Once you have your logo designed by logo designers of your company, you would like to have a sense of security that it will not be used by any other firm. For that, you need to acquire trademark rights of that logo. What exactly is a trademark?

Learn to Design Like a Google Pro

The philosophy behind Google design is to create simple, modern graphics that appear friendly while sometimes acquiring a quirky or playful feel. This article discusses Google design principles, most of which are worth following even if you’re not part of the Google family.

Reasons That a Race Car Driver Needs a Website

There are several reasons that a race car driver could use a website. A website is a great way to inform their fans of their whereabouts and their performance. It can be used to provide another place to acknowledge sponsors. And they can sell ad space on the website to generate more revenue.

Things to Consider While Creating A Website

In today’s business scenario, where most of the customers research on the internet before purchasing a product/service, having a good website is very essential. Different factors like the aesthetics, functionality, usability and the like play a crucial role in making a successful online presence. In this article we have discussed the major things that you need to take care while designing a website.

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