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Are Your Skills Ready For The Real World?

Whether you’re graduating a course of study in web development or looking to start one, it’s vital that you complete a reality check to determine if your new skills or those you intend to learn match the demands of the real world. It’s unlikely that the list I’m about to share with you will be completely addressed by any one program. Even if it did, the published course outlines may not reflect that fact – it’s common for outlines to be locked-in months or even years before classes begin.

Qualities of a Good Web Page Design

This article guides the reader on the benefits of having a good web page designed for their business. The qualities of an effective web page are outlined to help the reader have a good feel of what their website should look like.

The Importance of User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX)

Why good UI and UX are of absolute importance, because without them you don’t get repeat business. A confused customer is less likely to return or to bring their friends.

Top 10 WordPress Theme Websites

WordPress is actually a full-fledged CMS and one of the best solutions for creating your online business website. There are thousands of websites out there that offer WordPress themes, some for free and some for a small fee. However, some of these websites aren’t very good at all whilst some of them are excellent.

Pay Monthly Websites Proffering Pinpointed Maintenance Solutions

Pay monthly websites are trouble-savers for companies that fumble with their website maintenance tasks. The companies offer a number of flexible packages to meet the requirements to the most.

Top 5 Worst Web Design Mistakes You Shouldn’t Overlook at Any Cost

In these days, simply having a good-looking website is not enough. It takes a lot more to beat the online competitors and to stand apart in the market. Many businesses fail to capture the online market and eventually lose potential buyers due to the web design mistakes which are often ignored and thus their online reputation is spoiled and leaves them with no returns as expected. Here I have concluded the Top 5 worst web design mistakes you shouldn’t overlook at any cost, these web design mistakes are pretty serious and can badly ruin your efforts…

Improve User Experience With These Simple Website Design Tips

It is very clear that the Internet is a huge influence in our society. It made communication and sharing of information easier with tools like email, IM (instant messaging) and social networking. It also changed how companies do their business.

Proficient Web Hosting Companies for Your Website

The art of marketing and advertising has been severely revolutionized by internet and website technologies. It has given birth to globalization allowing companies to expand their services to various markets across shores, make business leading to overall business development.

6 Most Important Website Mistakes to Avoid

A well designed website will certainly avoid these 6 very critical mistakes. Use a website designer who understands these things and knows how to create websites for both search engines and website visitors.

How to Choose a Graphic Design Professional

Business owners in the market for a graphic design professional face a crowded field. Many claim to be experts, but finding a designer who truly knows the craft is not always easy. Thoroughly vetting candidates regarding their past work, affiliations, and range of skills can mean the difference between attracting customers and turning them away.

How to Hire a Professional Website Designer

When hiring a professional website designer, consider hiring someone local who can offer you accountability, flexible service, and top-notch site design. Check their previous work, ask about what they include, compare them to their competition and always use someone local.

The Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Your Next Web Design Job

When working in freelance web design, one of the primary ways that you will obtain work is through submitting applications to clients who have posted requests for work online. When you are next filling out an application for one of these jobs, however, you need to avoid making any of the below mistakes, otherwise you could seriously jeopardise your chances of landing the contract. Correcting the client’s spelling or grammar – If you are a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to your web designs, any typos or grammatical errors are going…

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