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Do Dentists Need Websites?

Are you content with your dental practice without a dental website? Do you know that your ongoing success depends on a dental website? Though there are dentists who do social networking, many of them do not have a website. There are many economic situations that can make or break a profession.

Making Your Contact Page Contactable

A contact us page is one of the most important aspects of your company’s website. It gives customers confidence because it shows there is a real person behind the business. This is particularly important to small, new or solo business owners.

Website Designs Come Of Age

The word ‘website’ is the first one that comes to mind when you hear anything related to internet. The websites of today are nothing short of breathtaking in visuals and easy to use in functionality. The World Wide Web is full of websites with innovative, out of the box and awe-inspiring web designs.

Essential Principles for Creating Minimalist Web Design

Minimalist is such a misleading word. More often than not it is thought to be something with less substance.

What Is The One-Hour-Block Technique And How Can It Help In Graphic Design?

For many people, working in the graphic design industry is a dream come true – they get to spend all day being creative and artistically inspired, as well as playing around with colour and texture. But what happens when you’re having one of those days where inspiration simply will not come? You sit at your desk, wracking your brain for some tiny little idea but no light bulb appears.

Understanding Saturation In Web Design

When it comes to understanding the complex nature of the web designs that are created today, it is important to first look at the variables that have caused this nature to come about – saturation and sensitisation. The term ‘saturation’ refers to the increasing use of tools, techniques and design implementations across the internet, whilst the term ‘sensitisation’ refers to how users are affected by exposure to these things. This article aims to take a deeper look into saturation in our websites, and will decide whether this is a good or a bad development.

Web Design and Development Process

Designing and developing a website is a tedious with numerous steps to work on. The process may vary from one designer to another, but the basics will mostly be the same.

Custom Website Designers Can Create Unique Web Sites for You

Web designers are trained to create websites. They have the specific knowledge and skills required for not only writing the coding but to also create an aesthetically pleasing website that is like a visual art while also offering the basic facilities to its owners. It is not easy translating what you have in your mind exactly the way you want into a website and that is why these custom website designers have to go through extensive training and learning in order to attain all those skills.

Accelerate Your Business Success With Customized Graphic Designs

Designing and development of any website is one of the substantial tools that epitomize the main goals and objectives of the business. There are many components that actually attribute to the designing and development of any commercial website.

Top 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your Website Design

This article will help you to find out why people are leaving your website and not buying. We will explore and share with you the most common mistakes on website design so that you do not need to repeat them on your own site!

Nine Ways to Mess Up Your Website

A poorly designed site or an over-designed site is an easy way to deter visitors. Whether the site is ‘too funky’ or ‘not funky enough’ or simply poorly designed really does help determine who stays on the site to learn more. Your website needs to be a happy marriage between a great design and a fantastic design. This includes the navigation!

Knowing How To Create A Website For Free: Step By Step Simplified

How to create a website for free step by step, is not difficult, in fact it is really simple as long as you know what steps to take. There are too many Guru’s and pocket pickers who make it seems very complicated to create a website, and at most we all give before we start. I know form experience I spent years building websites with the geeky HTML stuff and then I discovered this really simple free web building on-line application.

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