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Horizontal Menus, Why?

Horizontal, Vertical, or random menu? For me its a no-brainer, and I recommend it to all clients–horizontal. Here’s why.

When Less Is More: An Introduction to Minimalist Website Design

What is minimalist design? And is it the right choice for your site?

Why Is a Web Site Critical to Your Business?

A valid question before the evolution of the Web, but no longer. What do you think would have happened with the inventions of Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, or the Wright brothers if they had listened to the people stating their inventions would never be a reality, let alone affect the way we do business? Let’s see, that would mean no telephone, electricity or airplanes.

The Science of Web Design and Website Usability

This article explores the science of website design and usability which all the web designers should be aware of. A website which is properly designed and has all the functionalities will attract potential traffic and rank high on the search engines.

Common Mistakes In Web Design For Mobile Devices (Part 2)

In part one of this article, we looked at how failing to take into account the device width, form difficulty, content and finger limitations can have a detrimental affect on the user experience for mobile devices. These four mistakes, however, are not the only ones you will have to prevent making when it comes to web design for mobile devices – there are plenty more that are still commonly made.

Common Mistakes In Web Design For Mobile Devices (Part 1)

With the use of the internet on mobile devices on the rise, simply thinking that your users will not visit your website using their smart phone and tablet is a huge mistake – the odds suggest that almost every website will be visited with a mobile device in the near future. When it comes to web design for mobile devices, however, a lot of mistakes are made that affect how functional and useful the move to mobile really is.

Why You Need PSD to HTML/XHTML Conversion for Website Designing

There is no doubt that website designing has become quite revolutionized with the change and advance in technology. It is a fact well known that in order to design a dynamic and highly interactive website, PSD to HTML/XHTML conversion is a must.

6 Simple Ways To Run A Web Design Business

If you’d like to learn how to run a web design business, you are not alone. Plenty of people are wondering how to start their own personal website design firm. Becoming your own boss is certainly a big pull, however, you need to pursue this in a proper way.

Reasons To Launch A Website

In this rapidly advancing world of Information technology, having a website is as important as a name for a business. Even small sized-businesses have their presence on the internet via social media and their official website. A website serves as an online identity for a business. With the growing age of Internet and smart phones, people like to check your business on their smart phones. In addition, Internet is now one of the easiest and affordable ways of reaching your target audience.

Importance of Web Designing

Web designing is vital to your online business and it is high time you started understanding the importance of web designing and the amazing things that it can do for your online business. You might have observed it yourself, that people tend to spend more time on websites that are neatly designed and visually appealing, while spending lesser amounts of time on websites that are messy and do not appeal much to the human eye. We humans have a tendency to feel attracted towards things that are beautiful and tend to repel unappealing things.

Get Some Logo Design Ideas For Your Company Quickly

How would you know whether you need a new logo design for your company? Check out some of these logo design tips here.

Hire Web Designer To Create Website At Your Desired Cost

Starting a website can be intimidating business if you don’t know where to begin, and you don’t have the money in place to hire a professional firm for your project. Luckily, you don’t have to waste a lot of money on a web designer. At the same time, you can get professional quality work for pennies on the dollar.

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