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Web Design and Change – Is It Really So Different?

With continued growth in technology and particularly with computers, web devices, and the internet in general, it seems as though the idea of designing for a global internet presence is drastically different. In a way, this is true; however, there are two sides to the argument and two parts to the answer. Although website development is unlike previous history, not everything is necessarily new and different – it’s more like updates of existing ideas.

Can Your Email Be Read on Mobile Devices?

Can email for your website be read on most of the mobile viewing platforms? Read this article to learn why responsive email is an important website asset!

Why Do You Need A Responsive Website Design?

Have you wondered why there is a growing need for website designing? Is a professional website design really needed? Read the article to know if a responsive website, designed by a professional website design service or a freelance website designer is really essential to build up your brand, drive traffic to your site and convert leads to customers.

Guidelines for a Successful Website

Websites are in great demand these days because of their soulful characteristics. So, it is very significant to consider great website designs at the same time in order to achieve great results.

Professional Logo Design: Working With the Professionals to Get Noticed

When you think of the businesses that you enjoy patronizing the most, instead of thinking about how the name of the business is spelled, you probably see their logo in your mind’s eye. When you’re driving down the road you probably are able to spot the businesses that you are familiar with based not on seeing their business name spelled out for you, but because their logos are so identifiable. Logos are important, because they are like calling cards.

Keep Up With the Trends in Your Web Design or Fall Behind Fast

With so many media devices accessing your business’s website, it is crucial that it can easily accommodate all of them. If someone is having trouble getting through to your site on their smartphone, they will quickly move on to something else. Don’t lose customers because of poor or inept design.

Internet Security Spending in 2013

With ever increasing connectivity around the globe and the breakneck speed at which the internet is advancing, concerns for internet security have never been higher. While examining the security landscape of 2013, two trends are clear – cloud computing and BYOD programs.

Simple Support Strategies to Get More From Your Website

We are told not to judge a book by its cover. Yet many potential customers will still judge the home page of your website as a summary of your whole business, in just a few seconds. If it’s a bad first impression from the first click, they are unlikely to stay there or return.

How Important Is a Mobile-Friendly Site for Your Business?

First, the numbers – 75% of consumers would increase their spending if more sites were optimised for mobile commerce. – 61% said they would not return to a site if it was not optimised for mobile browsing. – 75% of consumers will purchase a product in store after searching online and 71% will purchase online.

User-Centered Design: A Comparison of Measurement Methods Part 2

In our previous article we covered various user research methodologies, prior that in this article we will highlights the value of Keynote’s innovative approach. Keynote Systems can provide help with all of these different types of research by incorporating the critical aspects of each approach. It provides the intent based context (task approach) of traditional usability testing; large samples associated with surveys and traffic analysis tools;

Does Your Website Designer Know About Internet Marketing?

There are many excellent designers out there who can build you the website of your dreams, but what if they don’t know anything about internet marketing? A beautiful website will not do any entrepreneur justice if no one can ever find it. It is important that designers not only make compelling and professional websites, but also that they optimize the design and content so search engines can find it. Following are some important details every internet entrepreneur and web designer should know.

How To Pick Up An Effective Website Application Company

In today’s context, the success and failure in your business entirely depends upon your ability to pick up an effective web application organization. You need to follow a certain technique to figure out the best company which will help you to have a strong online presence.

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