How to Clean up Your WordPress Media Library 2 Easy Methods

6 Tips on Improving Website Performance

Every organization needs to have a virtual presence. Virtual presence through a website assists not just in e-commerce but serves various secondary and tertiary goals of the company. Business development through new client and customer acquisition, CRM, reputation management, opinion building, image management, brand building are some of the roles a website can play.

5 Insanely Useful Design Sites for Creating Content

Not all of us are gifted designers or even have an inkling as to how to design anything, let alone gorgeous content. There’s lots of options out there such as paying someone on Fiverr to design content for you, or finding a great graphic on a stock site, but sometimes you just need a well-designed blog or website image, and you need it fast. Never fear, here are five sites that will help you design content online and for free!

2015 Website Design Trends to Watch Out For

It’s about time to bid goodbye to 2014 and say hello to 2015. But, as a website owner, have you figured out the next big thing for the coming year? Remember that when it comes to web surfing, you’ll only have 5 seconds at most to convince your viewer if accessing your site is a bad idea or not. Another is that mobile is finally taking the lead over desktop in internet usage which means switching to Responsive Design is not an option but a necessity – unless you want to ignore half of your prospected traffic. Your web design can either make or break your traffic so you need to make sure it’ll be efficient to say the least.

Is It Necessary to Update Your Website Regularly?

Many customers come to me and ask me to build them a cool website, and that’s great. Then I build them a fantastic website that is functional and optimised for search engines. But after a few months, they’ll come to me and say that they not receiving any enquiries via the website even though they still offer the same products and services. Then I remind them that they haven’t updated their website in a year and that is one of the causes why.

How to Get Visitors to Stay on Your Website

There are so many websites out there and your business has to compete with them just as your store would have to compete with the store around the corner. Just because a website is an online platform doesn’t make it any less important. On the contrary, it actually makes it more important than your physical store as this is the first impression that is created when a visitor clicks on your site. Once visitors have found your website, how do you get them to visit the various web pages before moving along to something else? Here are some tips to keep visitors on your website for longer.

Tips to Improve Your Website

Every business needs a website in today’s era of technology. More people are going online now than ever before. Even the regular person now has access to the internet and can search for anything their heart desires. As a business owner you need to keep this in mind and have a competitive website that will intrigue potential customers.

Website Problems – 5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Converting and How to Fix It

You might think of giving the best content out there, but still you are not converting your generated traffic into leads. Or, who knows, you might not even have enough traffic what-so-ever. Regardless of the case, you want to know why your website is not converting. You are about to be presented with 5 reasons your website is not converting and how to fix them:

Benefit Of Building A Simple Website Design

Websites come in all shapes and sizes. Websites can be a simple design to a graphic loaded tourist attraction. From a one pager to a behemoth WordPress website. There is nothing that you can’t do with websites. There are times when it is an OK to make a highly decorative website but there are Benefit Of Building A Simple Website Design.

Common Mistake in Website Designing

Website design is an important part of a company’s marketing and branding efforts. Whether it is to purchase a product or to get their questions answered, it is essential to make sure that visitors get what they want when they visit your website.

Mobile Responsive Website Design in 2015

The Need for Convenience – Individuals today are pressed for time, and the simplest approach to fill it to do their online website research while on the go. Today people use their mobile gadgets such as their iPhones, iPads, tablets or smartphones all over town, in cafés, book shops, on the bus, and even while strolling to work. Individuals want convenience and subsequently, they utilize their extra time by conducting business on the internet, researching new topics or discussions, or communicating with companions and partners.

Simplify Your Website for Improved Results

In this article, we will talk about how to improve your webpage. Also, the importance of a simple design is crucial for SEO services.

4 Website Design Trends to Look Forward to This 2015

There are website design trends to look forward to this 2015. Some of which include responsive design, text design, auto web design, and more interactive content.

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