How to Clear Your Cache in WordPress

Tuning Up Your Website

You are most likely well aware that getting traffic to visit your website is essential to your continued (and increasing) success and that of your business. If your website has been in existence for a while, it is a very good idea to look closely at what you have and to determine what works and what no longer works.

Web Design Trends You Should Know In 2015 (Part II)

The virtual world has seen great amount of ups and downs in the year 2014. Web designing also felt the effects and multiple trends crawled up. Many of these trends are expected to catch speed in 2015 also. Following is a list of web design trends that you need to keep an eye on as they may catch speed in 2015.

Presenting a Next Generation Website to Your Customers With HTML5 and CSS3

When your potential or existing customers access your business website from their smaller screens, your website should be able adjust automatically to allow them with comfortable navigation. Therefore, you will need a responsive website.

5 Reasons Your Website Must Be a Responsive Website

A responsive website design changes your website based on the size of the screen being that is being used. It limits scrolling, uses images that resize to fit the screen automatically and the end result is a clean yet branded experience for the user.

Let Professionals Redesign Your Website

Is your website latest and up-to-date? Is your website search engine and user friendly? Does your website seem professional? If your answer to all these questions is “No”, then, your website definitely needs to be redesigned. A website redesign will play a huge role in enhancing your business.

Introduction to Website Conversions

In this article I’m going to introduce website conversions for business owners. I will examine the issue that accompanies not understanding website conversions, the effect that can have on your business and my advice on the issue. What are website conversions?

Advantages Of A Custom Web Page Design

If you’re going to the extent of paying for web design services, you might as well have a custom web page design created for your company. You might be thinking that all web designs are customized. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. Many web designs are taken from templates and then customized, which is why so many websites look the same.

How to Find an Affordable Web Design Service

In today’s society, business growth highly depends on your company’s internet presence. Your company should have at the very least a basic website that lists the strengths, services, products, and contact information. Some companies choose an eCommerce website so that their products can be purchased online.

“Content First” Approach to Website Development

There is a better way to deliver websites. Learn how to solve serious business problems by working with your client on getting the website content upfront.

The Case For Giving Visitors What They Expect From Your Small Business Website

If you’re online at all, you have seen that most websites follow a standard design layout: Logo in the upper left corner – Primary navigation under the logo – Content on the left – Sidebar on the right – A place for everything and everything in its place. You don’t want your small business website to be bland or not stand out, but there are some valid reasons why you should give visitors what they have come to…

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design is generally considered, as CMS author Tom Murphy mentioned today, “just fine for now.” But a new study, a provider of cellular growth alternatives, statements the cellular efficiency of responsive Website Design is often unacceptable.

How To Master Your Website Even If You Are Not “Tech-Ie

My website redesign went over-budget… I had three days to fix a long list of stuff, and my budget was running low, real low… and it turned out to be a Good Thing. Although the “concepting” of this website has started months ago, I have taken the time to let it brew because I want every move to be INTENTIONAL, to reflect how I want to do ME in my business.

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