How to Completely Disable Comments in WordPress

Looking for a Free Website Maker to Create Your Site Easily?

Getting something for free is one of the biggest attractions anywhere. It gives us quite a thrill to be able to say that we got something without paying for it, seems like a reward in itself. That is why we often go out of our way to get something at no cost, be it buying seldom used groceries or purchasing that expensive outfit to get that wallet.

Points to Remember When Designing a Spa Website

Slowly and steadily, it is becoming mandatory to have one’s own niche on the Internet, a place where one can speak to existing customers and try and entice new ones. This is especially true for specialty, high-profile businesses like spas and salons. Today, any salon that doesn’t have a website is not considered high class and does not enjoy the patronage of the elite class.

Why Businesses Should Custom Design Their Websites and NOT Use Cookie-Cutter Templates

By providing a professional, user-friendly website, you’ll find potential customers more inclined to do business with your company. Using a template website won’t provide these major benefits.

How to Design a Homepage That Can Attract Your Visitors?

A well designed and attractive homepage is very important for a website. In this article, I’d like to share some personal opinions of my own on how to design a homepage that can attract your visitors.

How To Create Awesome Infographics

Over the past few years infographics have become increasingly important to a website design company and a good online marketing campaign. Simply put, they are one of the best ways to spread factual-based content virally.

Web Design Common Mistakes and Lessons Learned

With Web technology changing almost daily, it’s critical for a design firm and its clients to stay on top of the newest trends and opportunities. Many Web development companies as well as their clients have a decent understanding of what the Web is capable and that’s where it ends. Everyone involved in developing a website must stay on the cutting edge of new Web trends and capabilities.

Creating an Effective Website For Your Window Cleaning Equipment Supplies Business

Advice on setting up a website for a window cleaning equipment retail business. This article includes advice on how to sell your products online, how to market your website and an overview of the platforms available to allow you to create an effective website for your window cleaning supply business.

How to Use a Business Web Builder to Create a SME Website

One of the most important aspects of being an SME is to be known for your talents. The more people know about you, the better the chances for you to get hired. The most usual way to do this is word of mouth. Do good work for someone and they will tell others.

Create a Professional Website With a Free Website Builder

Whenever we think of something for free, we immediately think of some cheap, tacky, unprofessional things that just entice us to buy the real thing. Like an advertisement instead of the actual product. That is why whenever we think of creating a professional website, our mind immediately discounts free website builders.

Selection Of A Professional Web Design Company

The process of selecting a professional web design company for overhauling your present website or creating a brand new one can be really frustrating. You can find plenty of web design services in the online industry and therefore you need to decide upon the right kind of services for your business. Developing and designing any website requires a lot of complex steps to be followed one after the other.

WordPress – Understanding the Features

WordPress has fast become the most sought after frameworks for designing and developing websites and portals. Being a free open source technology, it has become a rage among web developers. Ease to install and use on any kind of website, portal and framework has helped make most of the web development requirements.

The Perfect Website Home Page: Keep ’em On-Site Longer

A website home page is often the first page site visitors see, so it better be right or those visitors “bounce” to another, more engaging website that sells the same products or services you sell. Here’s how to build the perfect home page for your website, and yes it’s worth re-doing your home page to get it right.

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