How to Create a Booking Form in WordPress (2 ways)

Microsoft Expression Web 4: Comprehensive Website Design Tool With Features Galore

Microsoft Expression Web 4 is ideal for veteran developers. Its extensive feature list makes professional web design a hassle free task.

4 Tips on Redesigning Your Website

Are you the owner of a website that is not doing well? Well, in that case, you would have to re-look on your website in order to determine the problems which have resulted in low ranks or low traffic in your site. There might be different kinds of problems associated with your site.

The Sitemap: The Backbone of Your Website Design

The sitemap is the spine around which your website will be built. The sitemap dictates-or rather, it demonstrates-the navigational structure of your new website. Read the article for a breakdown of what the sitemap contains.

Why I Uploaded A Fictional Criminal To A Client’s Website

Here’s the story of how I chose a photo of a happy smiling man for a website homepage, and then saw the photo again later, used as a criminal on TV! Is it wise to use popular stock photography that could have been used elsewhere?

How to Develop a Website Once It’s Created

Once your talents have been used to create your website, launch the site and now you are onto the next step which is advertising. What about keeping your site fresh? Do you know how to develop a website once it has been created?

How to Use Above the Fold Web Design

I’m gearing up for my “How to Make and Sell a Product Online” series and one of the obvious chapters deals with how to make a landing page. Something which I refer to is above the fold web design, so I thought I should give a complete explanation here to anyone unfamiliar with the term “above the fold” or “above the fold web design.”

So You Want to Be a Freelance Web Designer?

So you’re currently working 9 to 5 or exploring different jobs and their perks. One thing is for certain that this isn’t the job for everybody. If you’re the type of person who likes to work fixed hours on a fixed salary then this isn’t for you. If you’re a dedicated professional who spends time valuing their work and clients then perhaps you should read on.

Should I Make a Blog or a Website?

When new to the online world and creating or running websites it can be a bit confusing when talking about blogs and websites. After a recent conversation with a client, who was stressed out over the decision of making a website or a blog, I thought it’d be good to nail down some of the basic bits about these two styles.

Website Design Ideas – Perfect Color Choices

When you’re looking to design a website or blog an important part of the overall design is obviously the color scheme. If you are creating a website for an existing product, brand or business you’ll want to incorporate the color or colors from your existing branding into your new web design. If you’re starting out with a blank slate then you’ve got a lot of options.

What to Think About When Creating Your Website

The very first and most essential thing, to bear in mind when creating, or upgrading your website is the target audience you want to reach. If, as an example, you have a web development company, you’d want a feature packed website that exhibits what you can do.

The Importance of Usability of Medical Websites

The amount of medical information available on the internet provides a great learning resource, and is made accessible due to the various different forms the information is presented in. From using animations to illustrative diagrams, each presentation method brings the information to life, making it much easier to understand than reading from a textbook would allow.

Design Your Own Website For Free – Start Making Money By This Afternoon

Design your own website for free. It is the best start to making money on the internet. You can gt it up and running by this afternoon if you want without spending a penny.

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