How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress (Step by Step)

Responsive Website Designers and Outsourcing – The Inter-Relation Between Two Contrasting Terms

This is the age of the Internet, as they say. And responsive website designers have helped in building up a better, more accessible version of the Web. The evolution of mobile devices into computing platforms, the boom in outsourcing, and the domain of web design, are all inter connected. Here’s an insight.

Dubai: A Beaming Commercial Metropolis In The Middle East

Dubai, the crown jewel of UAE, is an inspiring transformational story where a Trade Port becomes a commercial center of Middle East. But like all the transformational stories, there are different dimensions to this story of Dubai, which make it unique.

How To Design An Interactive E-Commerce Website

The information technology is blooming at a fast pace. Everyone is using computer & the internet. With this, every industry wants to sell its products online.

How to Get Clients For Web Design and Development Work

Most companies approach to new clients by the referrals of their existing clients. This way you can keep your existing clients satisfied and will increase your business progress.

Refresh or Rebuild Your Website

There comes a time when you look at your current website and realise it is time for a change. New websites cost time and money but the big question is do you refresh or rebuild your site?

The Best Web Design Options

Web design is one of the most important things for anyone who wants to set up a website. There are many things to be considered so as to make your website attractive and easy to use. It is also important to have a website that people can find helpful within all platforms.

Creating The Best Websites

In the current times, the internet is the most influential and strongest media. There are so many websites that have been created so far and many more keep on coming up with each dawning day. Different websites have different purposes and there is a need to make sure that the website that has been created is able to function in a manner that will be rewarding to both the traffic visiting it and the owners of the site. It needs to be visible to as many people as possible and meet the target audience for it to serve its purpose.

Web Design Ideas That Would Make Your English Teacher Proud

Remember back when you first left home to set out on your own as a young adult? Perhaps you rented a house with a few friends while you went to college or started your first job. Those are exciting and memorable times and everything seems to be going great when suddenly… you come home one afternoon and find that there’s water all over your bathroom floor. What do you do?

Why Converting PSD to HTML Will Benefit Your Business

Of all the conversions, PSD to HTML is the easiest and friendliest. This article is an attempt to outline some of the positive effects this conversion will bring for any business.

Understanding the Unique Elements of a Perfect Business Website

It should be designed with uniqueness and exclusivities – Selecting an appropriate web design company is an important decision because your website is the face of your company or organization. It represents the personality and attitude of your company. A perfect business website should be equipped with all the unique elements that can separate it from the ordinary.

2015: The Year of Mobile

In April of this year, Google made big changes to their search engine algorithm, giving priority to websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Over the past few months, many companies (our clients included) have started taking a closer look at their site traffic and refreshing their websites to make them mobile friendly. If you’ve decided to create a responsive design website, here are a few tips to improve your design process and site performance:

Why Consider Mobile App Development For Your Business?

The sheer amount of strategies to be used in web design is overwhelming. New tactics have surfaced for websites to adapt with the demands of advancing technology. While some old and tested practices may still be effective for your site, consider these smart practices that most web design companies advise to their clients.

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