How to Create a Custom Instagram Photo Feed in WordPress

Website Templates – What Are Their Advantages?

A website template can be defined in simple terms as a web page layout that has been pre-designed. It can be based on a single webpage or several web pages to cover your website need when they are interconnected in the same domain. The templates have features such as images, dummy texts and a banner, but you could also find templates that have scripts, fonts, intro pages and animated flash banners. It all depends on the website template you are choosing and what you feel is most suitable for your website. But is choosing a website template more advantageous than designing your own website from scratch?

Web Design Tips That Can Make Your Business Stand Out

A business website is very important because it works as a bridge between you and your target audience or potential customers. How you present the website to the masses should therefore be looked into seriously to make sure that you make lasting impressions on your targeted market. You also should remember that there is stiff competition out there and if you do not make an effort to improve your online presence, then you risk losing out valuable business to your competitors. Web design is among the most important aspects of improving your online presence and simple strategies can help push your business above the competition.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A WordPress Theme

There is so much to learn upon embarking on the website journey. If you want to use WordPress, but aren’t very familiar with the topic of themes, you will learn a lot here. What a theme is, why it can be cumbersome to change a theme, what to look out for when you purchase a theme or reflections on the differences between free and premium themes will be invaluable knowledge for you.

Web Design Trends That Will Be Prevalent in 2014

Simplicity is the new trend. The new hype. The new cool.

Optimizing WordPress Page Loading Speeds Where Plugins Are Used

WordPress has long been using the strategy of incorporating 3rd party plug-ins into their design architecture for their customers. This strategy sound in business concept as it allows WordPress users to easily and quickly create some very nice looking websites where they can add website functionality and features even if they do not have very good coding skills, is still however, flawed architecturally as these plugins are enabled through the use of JavaScript call-outs which need to pull in the full plug-in code for each 3rd party widget being used on a particular web-page each time that web page is loaded. For those WordPress site owners who do not have the technical skills to remove these plugins from their websites, there are some things you can do within the framework of the plugin world to mitigate the negative effects of those you do use on your site so your pages at least will load more rapidly and so you can actually create a version of your site that is view-able on mobile devices.

How Can You Avoid Monotony in Web Design?

Web designing is an art. Web designing is monotony as well. Let us clarify. No matter, how professional a website looks, the creative acumen of the designer is always evident from it. Yes, you are working within a confined space and with set criteria (the client’s diktats). However, there is no doubt about the fact that there is a constant channelization of your creative energies when it comes to selecting layouts, fonts, images and a lot more.

What You Need to Build a Successful Website

The idea of creating an e-commerce website for a business or as a standalone business is very appealing. The internet can reach people around the world. It is possible to generate revenue without having to invest in the infrastructure of a traditional business. All that is needed is something to sell and a website to sell it from.

Best Logo Design Tools for Beginners

This article is specifically written for students aspiring to become logo designers. Information related to various logo designing tools with their respective features are listed here, which would help students to choose the best tool.

Major Benefits of Working With a Web Design Agency

The major benefit in working with website design agency is the fact that they offer handful resources when compared to a freelancer. This includes a broader range to software licenses all these serves more possibilities for your website.

Color Theory in Web Design

Commonly underrated, the science of color must be learned starting with its core principles. This is a short, comprehensive guide to color mixing and its importance in Web Design.

The Importance of Web Development and Website Design

People around the world are setting up websites that they hope will make them a lot of money without having to do much work. It sounds simple to do. You find a service that offers a free template and that helps register the domain You find something to sell to others and publish in online. All that is left is waiting for the money to roll in. The only problem with this is the money does not come rolling in. Instead creating site only costs a person money to maintain their domain registration as they struggle to figure out why they are not making any money.

WordPress Page Loading Speeds and Google Search – Try to Avoid Plugins

If you operate a WordPress website or Blog site, try to avoid the use of 3rd party plugins as much as you can as these are negatively impacting your page loading speeds and are hurting your SEO with the Google Search engine. If you are using Google Analytics and are seeing high first page bounce rates, this could be your issue so be sure to read this article to learn what may be causing your page load speed issues.

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