How to Create a Custom WooCommerce Cart Page (No Coding)

Things to Look for in a Free Website Designer

You have probably come across quite a number of different free website designer programs that claim the ability to help even a completely inexperienced novice create a truly great website. The truth is such an assessment may be a bit of an exaggeration…

Website Design Can Greatly Increase Your Site’s Success

Website design is one of the key factors in a websites overall success. A great design can mean more than just colors, pictures, and fonts. A great design is truly captivating to the eyes and also extremely functional in getting the information or products to the customers or visitors. Some of the best designs are very simple and just use very basic techniques to point out important areas of the website.

Website Building – 12 Things You Should Do To Promote Visibility

Start with a clear direction on what you are doing. You are building a website for your visitors; in other words, the website building process should be externally oriented. Here are a few critical tips that will help you enjoy the highest of visibility.

Planning a Business Website? Pay Attention to Some Handy Web Design Tips

Successful execution of a web design depends largely on the plan. If you overlook or ignore the planning stage of a website, there is every possibility that your customers, sales leads and profitability may go for a toss.

A Scope of Web Experimentation

Web experimentation can help in finding conversion rates. There are mainly two kinds of tests: A/B design and MVT design. MVT tests are of different kinds.

Web Designing for Mobile Screens

Designing websites for mobile phones is a different matter than standard website designing. It should be much simpler and should have a minimal graphics component.

What Causes A Website to Be Good or Bad?

Do you wonder what makes the difference between what makes a good website and what makes a bad one? Read this article about the layout and design of web pages and how to create one that stands out!

Free Templates Versus Premium Templates

There are thousands of website templates available online for HTML websites, Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Oscommerce. As well as vcard and PowerPoint templates. A template is a great tool to save money and help someone who has no design capabilities to create a professional looking website or document. This industry has expanded considerably since the early 2000s. I have seen people use free templates and others buy premium templates. So which is better and should you simply download a free template or pay for a premium template?

Boost Your Online Business With a Good Web UI UX Design for Your Website?

The basic purpose of any online presence, whether it’s a website or a blog, is to inform the target audience about a certain event, product or service which could be of their benefit in some or the other way. To accomplish this goal there are two important things, UI or user interface and UX or user experience. UI and UX can be designed only if you have a clear understanding about your target audience, the prevailing trends in your industry and constant innovations in the field of Web UI Design.

Tips on Meeting the Increasing Need for Mobile Website Design

A fully optimized mobile website design is critical to a lot of today’s businesses because there are now five times as many smartphones being used to browse the Internet compared to standard computers and laptops. It’s important, then, to make your website easily accessible for those visitors by creating a site optimized for mobile viewing.

Living With Open Source

Milton Friedman the American Economist said “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” and even though Open Source is free to use, alter, and pass on, there’s still a price to pay. To date, I have used two Open Source Content Management Systems (CMSs) to run five on-line communities and paid the price.

Hotel WordPress Themes: Things To Consider Before Choosing One

Do you have a hotel business or accept hotel and resort bookings? If you want to make your business a success, it is important to use a WordPress theme that will help make your business standout.

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