How to Create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress Beginners Guide

Traits of a Well Designed Landing Page

Design your page to focus the reader’s attention on what he or she needs to do to continue down the sales path, which is crucial for conversions and needs to be heavily researched. Your headline on the landing page is your best tool for passing the blink test, hence it should be clear, concise and informative.

Things to Bear in Mind While Opting for The Best IT Support Services

Due to the proliferation of IT these days, it is highly essential that business organizations are required to keep pace with the latest trends in the IT domain, because of its ever growing nature. Almost all businesses are dependent on networks, computer systems, and other IT related systems for their day to day operations of business, whether it is communication, record maintenance, forecasting of future trends, provision of efficient client service or enhancement of the existing set-up.

Essex – A Place to Find a Professional Web Design Agency

It is common knowledge that before starting to make profit from an online business, you need to work hard to build this business. To have a professional, well-branded and effective website, you will need to think of the right website design. Since you cannot do it yourself, you need to hire a specialized company. When doing this, you might be tempted to outsource the project to a frontier market, because the prices are lower, but think again. Quality comes at a price and if you want professional results that live up to the expectations of the Web 2.0 environment, you should hire a designer from a town an area such as Essex.

Responsive Website Design – Best Practices

When you are designing your responsive websites, you should check whether your service provider is following the industry’s best practices. This will make your websites user-friendly regardless of the nature of the devices used to access the website.

7 Insane (But True) Secrets of Great Web Designers You Could Learn

What are the secrets to the creative genius of great web designers? Having picked the creative brains of some great professionals alive, I am happy to tell you that there are open secrets that have always served as cornerstone for the genius expressed in the works of some hottest names in the global web design industry. In sharing these secrets, I am presenting to you essential tips that will increase your productivity and improve the way you live your life.

5 Simple Steps to Improve Web Design

A professionally designed website with the proper choice of fonts, colors and images can have a significant impact on its success (low exit and bounce rates) and failure (low sales, high abandonment). A custom-made website tailored to match the specific needs is certain to give a more successful online presence compared to the generic templates.

Responsive Web Design – Is It A Good Strategy To Hide The Content For Mobile Users?

Responsive websites will help the users enjoy optimum browsing experience regardless of the nature of the device used. When you are creating a responsive website, you should not hide some of the content to the mobile users in order to fit the content in the small mobile browsers.

5 Best Practices For Small Business Websites

A small business needs to compete with its bigger counterparts constantly. But a small business should not lose hope, as there are some practices that can help it out. Do you know what these practices are? Read more to find out.

Tap Into The Digital World – Take Your Business To A New Height With Good Website Design

An impressive website design and Internet marketing strategy will boost your customer base. As technology develops with time, stepping into the online field is very important. However, having a simple website isn’t enough; in fact, it’s something above and beyond showcasing your business card on the table.

Advantages of a Web Designer With Coding Skills

The term web designer means different things to different people. For some a designer is someone who can make mockups of a website, someone who is strictly on graphic related work. For some the term also includes a person with expert front-end programming prowess, creating beautiful CSS and HTML layouts with JavaScript thrown in.

Checklist For Your Mobile Web Design

Having a checklist while launching your mobile website will help you avoid some of the common mistakes. When you hire a web design Toronto company to get your mobile web design, you need to cross check whether your website passes the basic checklist.

Responsive Web Design To Enhance Your Usability Index Score

Responsive website design is the need of the hour. If you want to improve your website’s usability index score, you will need responsive web design. Responsive websites automatically adjust themselves to match the display size of the devices used by the visitors to give the best browsing experience.

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