How to Create a Photo Contest in WordPress Step by Step

Search Engine Marketing and Its Benefits

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also commonly known as Pay-Per-Click is a form of internet marketing, which involves promoting the website by increasing the visibility in search engine page. Many clients that I had met got mix up with SEM and SEO. They are 2 different kind of product that is available in the market to help your website create presence in the search engine. We made this article to give you an insight about the difference of these 2 things and the benefit of Search Engine Marketing.

Why Website Redesign Is Scaring the Crap Out Of Me (The Reason May Surprise You!)

Redesigning a website can be a big and challenging endeavor – but I bet my challenge is NOT what most people face – such as picking the developer, managing the project, writing the copy, not getting ripped off, and such. When I sat down to think about this new website – I asked, what is my INTENTION behind this website – what does this new website mean to me? I want to fully express myself in my business, and I want to birth this website in a way that is more akin to “art making” than…

The Changing Trends of Web Designing

It is quite amazing to see how the website designing industry has evolved over the past couple of decades. With prominently text based websites in the 90s to the highly interactive, visually and functionally dynamic ones that we have today, web designing has come a long way.

Custom Web Designing – Organized and Artistic

Custom web designing can be advantageous for your website, but can be fatal if over done or done wrongly. A magnificent website should have the right blend of artistry, creativity and functionality.

Go Responsive or Go Broke (A Wake-Up Call to Businesses Lacking a Mobile Website)

It’s time to go mobile, business owners. In 2013, we started to see companies encroaching on the mobile market and developing a new kind of website – not just a mobile version that spelled out your company’s URL with an “m” before the web address, but a responsive website. As more varieties of mobile devices are invented (tablets, laptops, smartphones), there is a growing need for a single website that will function and respond flawlessly on all devices, hence, a responsive site. Those quick to catch on soon realized if they wanted to beat out the competition, investing in a responsive website for their business early on would give them a leg-up that would last. And they were right!

What Not to Do While Designing Your New Website

You must be really happy now that you are having your new website designed. There really is so much to look forward to especially when you take into consideration the fact that you will be in a good position to make the best use of the website to attract customers and clients or even viewers to your website so that you can share your ideas with them. However, often in this design stage there is so much that we take for granted which we should not, and it is because of this that we have to learn a thing or two about the mistakes that people make when designing websites so that you do not get to make the same mistakes too.

Web Design and Development That Improves SEO – We Show You What To Include and What to Avoid

From the moment you decide that you are building a website there are some things that you will have to contend with. There is that one fact that your website must have some of the best content so far and it has to be able to appeal to the users especially in as far as the content is concerned.

Open the Door Of Opportunities By Signing Up With a Design Marketplace

Graphic artists are not only relegated to designing websites. Many are tasked with designing and redesigning logos for businesses. Although most people are aware of the expensive logos that many national and international corporations use to represent them in trade, every business needs to have a logo.

Marketplace Help for Creating a World of Opportunities for Designers

Scores of web designers find themselves in difficult positions when looking for work. Many times securing a client does not come down to one issue, but multiple factors which can leave some designers confused as to what the creative firms and clients want in a web designer.

How To Make A Marketplace Work For a Website Designer

Today’s world runs off of the Internet. It is not uncommon for someone to go to a website for a product they want to buy or a service they want to book. However, a poor website can give potential clients the wrong idea about a service and can cause a business to lose money before they even have an opportunity to make it.

5 Huge Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Treated Like A Busy City Storefront

When I was a young girl, my Oma and Opa owned a bakery in Lilloette BC. Each summer my brother and I got to go and visit them for a week or so and oh, what a treat that was! I remember standing in front of the bakery window, with wide-open eyes as I scoured all the tasty treats and hoped with all my might that Oma would share a morsel or two with her favourite granddaughter.

Website Designers and Swimming Pools!

This is my first article on web design. Well actually it isn’t..

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