How to Create a Reusable Social Media Block in WordPress

The Changes You Must Make in Your Web Design to Meet Customer Expectation

Web design and website development have come a long way in the last two decades. For a website to be successful, one must eliminate or add certain elements that make the site useful for the target audience.

WordPress Page Titles: What You Need To Know

Page titles are the headline of your website’s pages. They’re shown in the search results before people ever reach your website, so they’re critically important to get right. If you’re using a WordPress theme that doesn’t easily allow you to change how your page titles look then there’s a good chance that your WordPress page titles are letting your site down.

Clear Navigation in Web Design

Clear navigation is vital to giving your website’s visitors an enjoyable, satisfying experience. Follow these tips to make sure that your potential customers can make their way around your site quickly and easily.

Important Functions You Need To Include In Your Web Design

A web designer could come up with the most attractive website in the world and couple it with branding and content that put all other sites to shame – but if they have failed to include some of the most important functions that make a website work flawlessly, their design has, ultimately, failed. By understanding what the most important functions are, you can ensure that you always include them in your web design from the very beginning.

Things to Look for With Website Design Companies

Find out the most important things to look for when you want to hire a website design company to work on your website. There are a lot of different kinds of companies out there. Know what to avoid so that you don’t lose money.

Business Or Pleasure – How To Build A Website

Any business that is ready to to have a presence on the internet should learn the basics of how to build a website. It would be absolutely imperative to learn at least the basics of creating a website if your business is to operate solely online. A person who also would like to have their own website online should be aware of the general procedures too, including hosting needs.

Optimising Images for Your Web Design

Is your website being bogged down by images that take an age to load? Good web design is about more than finding the right images; it’s about knowing how to treat those pictures so they don’t become a hindrance to your visitors’ experience. Here are some ideas for making those images fly onto the screen.

Keeping Your Web Design Costs Down

While some people may need their website to act as a one-stop shop for visitors, the explosion in social media sites and blogging platforms means you could put together a slick online operation without spending a fortune. Here are just a few things to consider before giving a web design company a blank cheque.

Tips for Selecting a Font for Your Website

Far from just being a means to get words on a page, the right choice of font can say an awful lot about your company. They can even be used creatively to convey a sense of design. Here are just some suggestions for getting your words to work as hard as your pictures.

Web Design – Is Your Content Relevant?

Forget keyword stuffing and other outdated optimisation tricks, the key to a great website is great content and, more importantly, relevant content. Content that actual people want to read.

Web Design – Five Inspiration Ideas From Magazine Layouts

Print may be old-fashioned, but that doesn’t mean the principles behind print design should be ignored. These tips will help you create web pages that really pop from the page.

Do You Know Enough About How To Create A Website?

So you want to create a website do you? Do you really understand what you are getting into? Do you know that you can do it all by yourself, or have someone else do it for you?

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