How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

Responsive Design Tips for Website Developers

In order to prevent an expensive and laborious redesign process, it is essential to make the design responsive right away. More people are using mobile to accesses websites. With this being said, it is vital to design websites that adapt themselves to multiple platforms with variable screen dimensions to give the user a dynamic feel.

How A Landing Page Design Can Matter

In this highly digital age, the Internet is becoming more of a marketplace with websites as the solution destinations. Like any marketplace, websites also exist of all types – tiny, huge, minimalistic, gaudy, interactive, boring, ugly or visually appealing. Within these differences only lies the success mantra which the marketers or organizations try to identify and tap upon.

How Can You Effectively Manage Dark Backgrounds for Designing Your Website?

Using dark backgrounds for some websites is a growing trend in the digital industry. Many designers are inclined towards dark themes and provide the same for their clients’ websites to make them appealing and attractive to the eye. However, a website should not only catch the eye because of its beauty but also be equally effective to convert casual visitors. This post helps to identify the problems associated with dark web designs and suggest effective solutions

6 Crucial Tactics for Pleasant Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design makes it possible for a website to look and function just as well on a mobile device as it does a desktop computer. Responsive design accomplishes this goal by combining a flexible grid, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries & screen resolutions. The consistency created by responsive design offers the best possible experience to users.

Which One of the 5 Types of Website Design Is Yours?

Learn the main types of design choices you have for your business. By knowing which design appeals to you the most you can get a website designed specifically to your tastes and business personality.

Tips on How to Improve User Interface Design

A major part of website designing consists of creating an attractive and functional user interface design. Little effort was given on interface designing as it mainly consisted of character based, conventional, alpha-numeric screen terminals attached to a keyboard. But now, with enhanced technology, the focus has shifted to increasing the usability quotient of interfaces.

X Theme: How To Make A WordPress Website Responsive Design

In this tutorial I am going to walk you through the X Theme For WordPress. By the end of this series, you will learn how to create your own fully responsive WordPress website that is integrated with Buddypress, bbPress, and other important plugins to keep your site working like a well-oiled machine and protected from spam bots.

Perfect Web Design Ideas

While we all love to think that we are very original and that our individual styles can not be matched when it comes to web design, sometimes getting tips and suggestions from more experienced designers can start up creative processes we would not be able to reach on our own. I know that one time I was looking for law firm website design tips from my colleague who is in the field of web design for about 5 years longer than I am and he was showing me one of his older designs in the niche that just got me going in a completely other direction that I initially planned to go at.

5 Website Design Techniques That May Be Harming A Website and Its SEO Valuation

Designing a website is both art and science. It requires artistic endeavor, visualization from user’s perspective, and great technical skills to convert the visualized design into palpable creativity.There are web design techniques that should be avoided or chosen with objective analysis, as they might be either harming website design, or diminishing SEO valuation. Some are discussed below:

Advantages and Usability of FAQ in Website Designing

FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages have been an under-rated option in the process of website designing. FAQ pages are one of the most important pages any website can have. It is at this point a visitor clearly indicates his interest and goals for visiting the site. Users demonstrate their interest in the products or services of the website. If designed appropriately, the page has the capability to boost visitor attention and improve conversion rate.

Can Your Target Market See You From Any Device?

Numerous studies show that the number of smartphone users is increasing every year. Most of these people use their mobile devices to surf the Internet. Even more importantly, people use their phones for targeted searches that often lead to immediate sales.

Why Is a Company’s Website Its Main Salesman?

The internet is a revolutionary invention that has changed the entire world. The world we see today is far different from what it was a decade ago. The internet has the changed way the world thinks. It has brought in new ways to do things faster and significantly more effectively than any other time in the recent past.

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