How To Customize WooCommerce My Account Dashboard

Coping With Mobiles and Tablets

Two or three years back a friend showed me one of my sites as it appeared on his mobile: it wasn’t impressive! At the time it came as a bit of a shock but was of limited importance: after all who would access a site on a mobile phone when it could be done so much better from a PC? Well the world spun round a few hundred times and tablets took off and smart phones morphed from miniatures of their fixed line older brothers into mini-tablets and people started to use them as on-the-move PC substitutes and worse still started to use them for their on-line shopping.

How To Create A Personal Mobile Web Page

The world has gone mobile. Do you have a personal mobile Web page? Learn how to create one and join the global mobile community.

Mobile Website – Why Your Website SEO Efforts Will Never Add Any Mobile Customers To Your Business

What is a mobile website? A mobile website is simply a version of a website that is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.

Choosing a Web Designer That Will Compliment Your Business

Finding and selecting an appropriate web designer for your business can be a daunting task. This article seeks to cover some key points in the selection process that are often overlooked.

How Much Should I Pay for a Website?

In today’s age, web designers and digital content companies are a dime a dozen – but who should you be using? And who will provide the best value for money?

Seven Good Reasons to Brand Your Website

A welcoming, easy-to-navigate, informative website makes life so much easier for your customer – give your visitors what they want and they will return again and again; present them with a,confusing site where they have to work hard to find the information they’re looking for and they will disappear – never to return – as fast as they can hit the back button! Website branding is the key to happy customers.

The 10 Basics of Designing a WordPress Website

There are several basics to designing a WordPress website. Here are 10 essentials to getting started with WordPress.

Spot the Ultimate Web Design Option

Are you ready to find the best web design alternative? You will be impressed due to the many solutions, apps, alternatives and deals that are out there. The online industry is evolving at a fast pace and you cannot stay behind. Keep reading and discover how to increase your online profit through quality web design.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love WordPress

WordPress is widely used by over 60 million users worldwide to create attractive and functional websites. Here are my 5 top reasons why I love WordPress.

How Mobility of A Site Matters for Business Growth

Haven’t yet got a mobile site? You are evidently losing your business little by little. The handy solutions you have at your hands is nothing but…

Serious Mistakes That Have Been Made in Web Design – Part 2

We talked about boring text, PDF files and inadequate search options in the first offering of this three-part series about serious mistakes that have been made in web design. These are among the worst mistakes that web designers can make in their attempt to present a website as a feasible marketing and information tool. This time, we will give you three more blunders that you can see on many websites nowadays.

Get Exceptional Logo Design For Your Small Business

Small business logo design services ensure that small entrepreneurs can get a complete overhauling of the image of their company. Some years ago, it was taught that changing of logo design once it is selected is not possible. But, the good news for these entrepreneurs is that they can make some small amendments to their design.

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