How to Disable WordPress Admin Bar for All Users Except Administrators

Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Might you be disappointed with your website, or are you merely bored? Maybe you’ve visited the websites of colleagues and competitors and become ambitious to do a website makeover for your business venture? Before making any changes, first think carefully about your business goals and how your website can encourage and support their realization.

Guarantee Better Conversion Results By Properly Developing Landing Pages

There was a period of my life where all I thought about was finding more methods to bring more traffic to my website. I already had traffic, and fact is I was not paying attention to it. All I had in my mind was: ‘if I get more traffic I will make more money’. After a lot of research, I found some information regarding the importance of landing pages. After analyzing and studying the information thoroughly, I learned my lesson. I jumped immediately to my landing page and apply the information I learned. I have to tell you: I was very angry with myself. I had the need to solve the problem, so I did even more research on how to design landing pages properly. The idea was to improve it so I can get better conversions. Let me tell you, it worked. Today, I’m going to share with you what I learned, so you can apply the advice to your landing page and get better conversions:

5 Significant Features That Every Ecommerce Website Must Own

If you decided to sell online then there are certain things that you will need in order to survive and succeed. One of the essential ones among them is an attractive and user-friendly website that will be able to attract more visitors to your website and convert them into your customers. In order to achieve that, there are certain quintessential features that it must hold and some of those are brought to light here.

How Design Of E-Commerce Websites Is Different From Other Websites

When it is about e-Commerce websites, a few trendiest designs may actually fail to fit into the overall design. This happens because viewers should feel safe while shopping on e-Commerce websites and this is why you need to follow commonly-accepted e-Commerce web design patterns.

5 Smart Reasons Why Small Business Must Have a Well-Designed Website

The need for an augmented online visibility is the key to success in the booming virtual world. Especially, small business owners must seriously invest in hiring a professional web designing that specializes in user-friendly web design and development agency to increase their business opportunity and sustain in the long run.

Learn From Your Competitors & Outgrow Them

From showing up on the first page of search results to increasing website traffic and luring potential customers on social media, it all boils down to outperforming your competitors when it comes to e-commerce. The volatile e-commerce market is competitive and dynamic. Over the years, the industry has enjoyed growth that is nothing short of a revolution.

A “Call-To-Action” Definition and Why Website Owners Must Use Them

When designing or updating your website be sure to have all your ducks in a row but creating a strong call to action. The essential meaning of this will allow the user from get to point A to point B and if done properly get them to take the next step. Without this call to action, the user will not have any guidance in completing your conversion funnel.

Rules To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

Websites are internet real-estate in which you should invest your time and money to generate outstanding outcomes in the future. A website is very much important, as it takes your brand on a drive, where most of its audience is available and if it is not good enough, so, you won’t be able to start the drive.

5 Awesome Modern Trends for Website Design

Having an online presence has become all important at present. Almost all business owners whether big, medium or small have been trying to announce their presence by employing diverse means.

Why Your Website Needs a Page for Every Purpose

Your website is your on-line brick and mortar location. Visitors will look at your offerings of services and products and cannot be confused about what you offer by making assumptions that your users understand your services and products like those that you do. Picture going into a store and not finding the products a customer is looking for and a website is no different. Each service needs it’s own page coupled with the demographic targeting and service offering for your ideal client.

Hotel Templates That Let You Step Into Celebrities’ Slippers

If you are a hotel owner you know that your visitors want to have all the necessary information like hotel location and driving coordinates, detailed description of services, rooms types and prices, discounts, special offers and so on clearly available on the website..

Love, Fear, Harmony, Grief, Despair: What Drives Shareable Content

As a website owner who knows the importance of social marketing, you are to be interested in levers that make your content go viral and win you a desired increase in popularity. Let’s find out how you can create content that wins you admiration in social networks.

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