How to “Easily” Add Anchor Links in WordPress Step by Step

Top Rules for Selecting a Good Amazon Webstore Developer

This article provides a brief explanation to one of their common applications that aims at bridging the gap between new e-commerce businesses and the existing one. The Amazon Webstore is a very common and dynamic application which helps an individual to come up with his own e-commerce store.

Muster an Online Audience

The benefits of building an online presence are innumerable owing mainly to the characteristics of online audience. If you are a combat sports professional willing to educate people about your passion, you need to get the best sports website design for your online venture right away.

Improving Your Contact Page

The Contact page is an extremely valuable aspect of your website and you may feel that it is working well for your business but it may actually not be working well as all. However, there are ways to make improvements.

Three Characteristics To Look For When Hiring One Company To Do Web Design And SEO

Being able to outsource web design and search engine optimization to the same company is very convenient for customers. However, if you’re not careful you could sacrifice quality on one or both projects. In this article, I discuss three characteristics to look for when relying on one company to do both.

10 Inspirational Logo Design Trends of 2014

Logo design is an important part of web design, which presents the brand or the company in front of the whole market. There are some trends being followed, which are recently seen in the market, helping in the overall image.

Usability of a Website

When people make searches online and find your site, it is very important that they are able to use it and easily find what they are searching for. The content of your website should be one hundred per cent understood by these visitors, as well. The ease with which searchers can use your site is called website usability. People would not want to waste their time on a site that they cannot understand; they will just leave and go to another site. So, you lose your chances to make a conversion.

Choosing A Design Company To Build Your App

A lot more people are choosing to build an app and sell it on app stores, rather than do something else with their money. This is because the app industry is booming and people are almost guaranteed to make money from their app, well, as long as it is a good idea.

Psychology Tips That Will Help You Create Better Web Design

A web design can only become complete by understanding the psychology of the potential visitors. But what are these psychology tips? Read more to find out.

How To Create An Appealing And Responsive Website Design

Whenever business owners get down to creating a website for their business, they focus their attention on visual appeal. To put it straight, they wish to create a site that will catch the eye of the viewer instantly. The layout, design and content help your site scale Search Engine rankings, but what use if the site does not load or loads in bits and pieces. At the most, viewers will hit the refresh button once and if it still fails to display properly, they will make a mental note never to visit your site again. One visitor lost is not a matter of worry, but losing one potential customer everyday becomes a potential threat to your business.

Flat Vs Skeuomorphism Design: Which to Choose?

In the past year, vibrant colors, improved stock images, diverse typography and the desire for simplified, uncluttered design has made room for two trends in user interface: Flat UI and Skeuomorphism. While both very different, eagerness to implement new website design trends can leave a business questioning which route is most valuable. Here we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each and what projects benefit most from these concepts: Flat User Interface Design Also known as 2-D interface design, some examples include Nest and the Microsoft Windows 8 platform.

8 Things That Make Your Website Feel Old

We’ve seen it before. You stumble upon a website and it just feels… old. Stale. Out of date. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something about the company homepage is making you bored and uninterested. Many times clients come to us feeling the same about their own website and it’s our job to pick apart the elements that are dating the website and, ultimately, the brand.

5 Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty

What are the 5 strategies to increase customer loyalty and what are the benefits of these strategies? Here are the strategies.

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