How to Fix ‘Comments Are Closed’ in WordPress Beginner’s Guide

What Is HTML 5?

In order to understand HTML 5, you must know a little bit about HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is the standard code format used to create web pages. These codes, also known as tags, are enclosed by the lesser than () brackets. The opening bracket is followed by an element, which is a browser command, and ends with the closing bracket.

Is It a Good Idea to Select Free Amateur Web Designers to Build Your Website?

There are a lot of amateur web designers that offer to create free websites for their friends and family. This article will discuss why accepting this offer is not the best decision.

Professional Website Design Tips For Building Successful Ecommerce Websites

This article explains the best practices that should be followed when designing the layout of your website. It is a worthwhile read if you are just starting out with your first custom website design project and wondering how best to layout your web pages to maximise your conversion rates.

Tips for Seeking Search Engine Friendly Web Designers

There’s a wealth of web designers out there that claim to be experts in SEO, yet fail execute the intricacies of optimization in an effective manner. As a shopper, being aware of the ideal aspects of search engine friendly web design can help you pinpoint the right expert for these services.

Custom WordPress Development

Developing a WordPress website using custom themes is really easy, but you would need to know the basics in various programming languages. If you don’t you could always hire a WordPress theme developer to do the job for you.

When I Can Do It Why Should I Hire a Professional to Convert PSD to WordPress?

Everyone can learn to covert PSD to WordPress themselves, but it isn’t always possible to get the same degree of professionalism and design. Therefore, in order to get it just right, you would need to hire professional theme designers.

Why Hire a WordPress Designer When I Get Free Themes and Templates?

Even though there are thousands of free WordPress themes and templates for you to choose from, you would want your website to be effective at marketing. However, for this to happen, you would need to make it different, yet appealing to visitors.

Custom Website Designs – Common Avoidable Errors

The main aim of any creating a website is to impress its visitors as soon as they land on the site. One must bear in mind that the faster you impress a visitor, the faster you make him a client. A web designer must recognize that the website must stand apart in the online domain as compared to the site of its competitors.

Your Flash Web Design Does Not Have to Be Cumbersome!

A Flash design website can also be made user-friendly with correct implementation of SEO features. Good navigation, target driven ads, and subtle use of animation are some of the things to consider.

How to Make My Own Website – A Short Guide

One of the best things about the Internet is the fact that almost anyone can make a website, and the costs don’t have to be high. Many people don’t know a lot about the process of building a site, however, which can make the prospect extremely intimidating. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel like putting together a website is impossible.

What Can a PSD to WordPress Designer Do for Me?

Founded in the year 2003, WordPress has grown to be one of the most popular platforms for building professional websites. However, if you want to create a professional website compliable to the W3C standards, you would have to be familiar with PSD to WordPress conversion.

Web Designer Jobs – Training For Your Future

We have heard of the job titles web designer and web developer bandied about when companies plan to make a website. The terms have become interchangeable but it should be emphasized that there are actually major differences between these two job titles. Knowing these differences translates to hiring the best professional for the job – or in the case of individuals planning to become either one of these website professionals, making the right decisions in education, training and work experience.

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