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Muddle Through Towards Better Web Design

We don’t need special instructions or conscious decision-making when browsing websites. We want to do something and we try to do it. We “muddle through”. This article focuses on the psychological factors underpinning this tendency and describes ways of designing websites that are better adjusted to such behaviour.

20 Ways to Attract People to Your Website

You have built a website, now you need some traffic. Here are 20 practical ways to spread the word and draw visitors to your site.

Tips for Building a Successful Website Design

It is important that you carry out the most inspirational web design for your organization or the business to thrive with the desired services. There are numerous ways of getting your website designed as web development evokes a new door of awareness in the heart of the customers.

Why You Need An Online Presence And How To Get It Fast

An effective design should make people feel a certain way and take a certain action. Design of your Business website plays an important part of your online presence.

How To Choose A Font For Your Logo

Designing a logo is a daunting task and how you choose and use a font is a small but critical part of the process. Despite the many free logo makers available online and the number of graphic design and printing companies offering to do the hard work for you, it’s still largely up to you to come up with the theme, style and purpose that will make your logo effective. Here are some important considerations to guide you on your way.

A Treatise On Responsive Web Designs

As it must have been noted, the world has all of a sudden become extremely tech-savvy with most individuals in possession of a tablet or smart phone that allows them to be surfing continuously on the net. So, responsive web design is a strategy that most business organizations have decided to follow in order to enhance their sales options and get a better hold over the market shares.

What We Miss As Web Designers? Being Creative

Web designing is an intriguing field. What makes it more striking is the unlimited amount of creativity that adds spice and glamor to it. Keeping this in mind I bring this article to you which helps you be a better web designer and use your creativity in the way you intend to.

Positives and Negatives of Using Flash in Website Building

Although learning to use Flash for animations is time-taking and difficult, many site-owners, these days, seem to be more inclined toward building Flash-rich websites. The only reason, in my eyes, is to attract lots of visitors. Yet at the same time too much Flash-use seems to be spoiling the site’s reputation and credibility oftentimes. Virtually every modern-day user seeks for good piece of information on the websites rather than just staring at its front-end scene. Here I’ve broadly focused on both the positives & negatives of using Flash on web-pages. Let’s go deeper…

How to Simplify Your Website Design

The simplicity of the design of a website plays an important role in its success. The most important success factor for every website is its ability to offer substantive and qualitative content in the least complicated manner.

The Evolution of Web Typography

Typography is one of the most important elements in web designing. Famous designers like Oliver Reichenstein say 95% of web designing is typography. But web typography was never as personalized as it is today.

Understand Your Demand

Not all activity is good activity. With a little bit of work most of us could “switch off” some of the incoming work which unnecessarily drains our time and resources, and doesn’t add value or lead to profit.

Four Key CSS Properties in Typesetting a Website

The best-looking website can fall apart if the font just does not look right, even with all of the new options available with CSS3 and web fonts. Thankfully, manipulating a handful of CSS properties can help designers typeset a page so the font styling compliments the rest of the website design.

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