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Why Your Website Design Is Critical In Attracting New Clients

Professional website design can make the difference between attracting clients and Keeping them. On a site that is easy to navigate, the viewer can move quickly and efficiently through different pages while always having an easy link back to the homepage.

Implementing HTML5 Design for Online Business Website

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the basic element for the development of any kind of web pages. An HTML document contains elements surrounded with tags. The attributes are used to specify the start, break, paragraph, end and a lot more within a content file. From long time, web designers had been using the tags to develop attractive web-pages. But with the arrival of HTML5, the method of website designing has taken a great move. Today, most of the online companies look forward to have HTML5 website design. This major revision of the Hypertext Markup Language has found its important space in the web designing industry.

Creating a Successful Web Design

For a layman, web design may seem to be a very complicated matter. It may entail some planning before one can create and launch a website. An individual may think of text, some images, use of digital media as well as other interactive elements.

Questions to Ask Your Client Before Beginning Their Web Design Project

As with any project you start, fact-finding before starting the website design process is essential. Being a web designer, you need to know various aspects related to the website that your client wants you to build in order to avoid misconceptions.

4 Benefits of Using Flash Animation in a Website Design

This article discusses 4 advantages of using Flash animation in a website. Flash allows you to communicate instantly with the audience and helps you to stand above of your competitor websites.

Pets and Animals Logo Design – Show the Logo Some Love

Whenever you start any business of any kind you first need a brand identity to distinctly identify your business in the eyes of the consumers. The same goes for when you want to start or re-brand your existing pets business or a business that revolves around and involves animals. The first requirement to start or re-brand your pets and animals business would be to get a terrific logo that creates a unique brand identity that you can build upon and develop in the future as your business progresses

Graphic Design – 5 Funny Requests That Clients Make

This article discusses about some of the funny sides of clients. Sometimes, they make hilarious requests! Designing a corporate logo in minutes, deciding colors over the phone, free services, and request for designing a wedding attire are some of them.

How to Begin Designing Web Pages If You Have No Experience

When I started designing websites I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what any languages were called, what hosting meant or how to register a domain name. If you talked to me about designing a web page I would have given you a blank deer in the headlights look and probably started crying.

Website Design – A Bit of History

Website Design is an industry that has a huge market potential even until this day that almost everybody has knowledge of it, in varying levels and stages of proficiency. Most DIY web design architects use easily accessible templates such as WordPress and start his “web development” project effortlessly.

The Best Tips for Creating an Excellent Web Design

Web design is the first thing you need to think of when planning to build a website whether it is your own or for some clients. It is the foundation of every website. The truth is people nowadays are turning to the internet as the most helpful resource. Ranging from different topics, to the latest issue, up-to-date news, the biggest hits, product search, shopping and general information; the web has it all. But people want everything to be just one click away. The only problem is that many websites in the internet do not respond to what the people want.

Web Design As a Hobby

Web design is not only for trained professionals, but also be a fun hobby for people of all ages and skills. Finding a topic that you are passionate about and a few helpful resources can be a good way to begin learning and having fun with web design.

6 Ways A Professional Logo Design Artist Can Stay Updated

This article offers some tips on staying updated with the latest developments that are happening in logo designing. In order to excel professionally, staying updated is a must. Reading books on logo design, being active in online discussion or forums, staying connected with other designers and inspirational sites are some of the ways designers can stay updated.

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