How to Install and Set Up Facebook Comments in WordPress

Points To Consider When Making An Effective Logo Design

Logos are beneficial not only for businesses, but also for their customers to identify their favorite products. Even, if they forget the name of the product or the name of the manufacturer, they can easily identify the products just with the help of the emblem.

An Amazing Web Design Can Improve Your Business Presence

If you own or operate an online site for your business, then you already have an edge over your competitors. Web designs come in a variety of different layouts. These designs usually depend upon the type of business you operate and the kind of website you would like.

How to Design an Ideal Mobile Website or App?

All the recent research studies show that many users visit your website via mobile or smartphones. It’s very important to ensure that you have a mobile website or you would be losing a lot of business. Usually more than 74% of users leave your website if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds. This means you need to have a responsive design for your website, which helps it to work efficiently.

Website Programming for Complex Web Applications

As website programming comes to be progressively perplexing and utilitarian, more strategies are used to attract individuals to specific sites and keep them there. Isn’t that truly the primary explanation for why you might have a site? When you claim virtual land, you need movement of traffic to that spot!

Effective Website Content: The Top 3 Myths About Website Design (And What the Truth Is)

You’re in the market for a new website. You’ve done a lot of research on website design and read a lot of blogs about it. You have it covered. Or do you? Here are 3 common web design myths that you may have encountered (and what the truth is).

What Web Page Title Length Should You Use for Google?

It used to be that I could answer the question of how long a page title should be for Google with the answer of 65 characters. But the world – or at least the part that Google dominates – has changed and that answer is no longer always correct.

What Are the Best Words to Use on a Website?

If you ever come across a website where internet marketers hang out, chances are that you’ll come across discussions about the best words to use on your website. The answer to this isn’t as obvious as it seems at first glance and there’s no one size fits all answer. But here are some ideas to get yourself in the right frame of mind to get good results from the words you use on your website.

How Many Words Per Page Should You Use on a Website?

The number of words that you use on the pages of your website is important for a few reasons. We’ll cover those reasons and, in the process, discover the best range for the number of words to use. There’s no single figure that’s correct for all situations, otherwise every page on the web would be doing its best to be that length which would be daft.

How Big Should Website Background Images Be?

A lot of website designs use a background image. This allows them to tailor the look and feel to better reflect the company’s image. But it has other implications as well, including the size of the image itself.

What’s the Best Font for Your Website’s Readability?

Fonts are very personal things. Whilst most people would agree that a font such as Comic Sans wouldn’t be the best choice for a serious site, there’s often heated discussion about the best font to use for websites. Whilst the final choice is obviously yours, you should at least take into account some of these thoughts.

Best Practices for Website Navigation: 5 Tips To Keep Your Navigation Usable

Like everything else on your website, the navigation needs to be easy. That’s because we’re all time pressured and we haven’t got the time or inclination to find out how to navigate around an unfamiliar website. People are much more likely to do another search on Google instead of spending precious minutes figuring out something that your web designer thought would be “cool.”

How a Website Content Writer Can Help Your Business

Do you have a website that’s all shiny and ready for visitors but lacks regular content updates? Perhaps you’d benefit from bringing on a website content writer to keep fresh new content for all your visitors to enjoy.

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