How To Install Joomla On Hostgator (QUICK & EASY!)

Why Can’t I Have a New Website Next Week?

If you’re a business owner who’s never gone through an entire website design, there’s more going on than meets the eye. It can seem pretty simple when you’ve delegated the project. No wonder so many business owners expect rapid redesigns. But those who are working on your behalf can give you many answers to the frequently heard question: “Why can’t I have a new website next week?”

Simple Navigation Is Vital to Website Success

Can visitors easily find their way around your website? Read this article to learn why simple navigation is critical to website success!

Web Templates – What Are Some Of The Advantages And Disadvantages To Having Them?

If you want to have a website created, one of the best routes to go is for you to get website templates. In case you do not understand what web templates are, they are simply pre-designed templates. You can purchase and then personalize them however you want. You can add your own content, add your own images, and then launch your website very quickly. Web templates can also be adjusted in terms of color. The only thing about web templates is that there are definitely some pros and cons to buying them. Understanding what these pros and cons are will make the decision for you to get them easier.

What Is Customer Centric Web Design?

When creating a site, owners should decide if they want it to appeal to them or their customers. A customer centric design can help to improve the site’s performance. This article is about customer centric web design and its various aspects.

How To Correct 404 Errors

What is a 404 error? How can a 404 error be fixed? Is it important to fix a 404 error? What are custom 404 error pages? Read this article to know more about 404 errors and why they should be fixed.

How Can A Custom Web Design Help Your Business?

The primary aim of any business website is to make a powerful impression on all those who visit it on-line. Since a key tool for bringing in business is to stand out of the crowd, a custom web design that has been created by a good website designer, is an effective way of creating a unique on-line identity. This article discusses the importance of customised websites for businesses.

Expert Advice For Hiring A Web Design Company Or Freelance Web Designer

In this day and age, it’s imperative to have an on-line identity and presence. Whether you’re a lone entrepreneur or a running a conglomerate, a website is a must. And when you’re looking to make money from the website, or widen your consumer base, having the website designed by a professional website designer is a must. Here’s some great advice on how to hire the right web design company!

5 Essential Principles of SEM A Web Designer Must Use

Search Engine Marketing aims to heighten the popularity of a website by increasing its rank in search engines. This form of on-line marketing, if used correctly, can spell large profits for a website. This article lists the 5 essential principles of SEM that all website designers must know and utilise!

Problems With Cross Browser Compatibility

What is cross browser compatibility? What causes cross browser compatibility issues? How can browser compatibility issues be avoided? Read this article to get more information about cross browser compatibility and some of its issues.

What Are Website Footers?

What is a website footer? What role does a website footer play in the performance of a website? What are the things that can be placed in the footer? Read this article to know more about website footers and their importance.

7 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Will Be Inevitable for 2013

Responsive web design provides a cost-effective and improved solution for web developers. Moreover, it allows businesses to cater to fragmented user markets on multiple devices. This article gives 7 reasons as to why responsive web design is becoming inevitable in 2013.

How To Make Your Web Pages Look Professional In 7 Steps By Using The Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin

In this article I am going to teach you how to do make your website look even more professional by adding simple features onto the pages (or posts) by using a great little plugin called “Shortcodes Ultimate”.

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