How to Limit the Number of Posts in WordPress RSS Feed

Tips for a Designer Websites Look Without the Designer

It is actually pretty simple to get a designer website look without the designer, if you follow these expert tips. Why pay someone to create a website when you can make one yourself with just as much professional polish? All it takes is some pre-made templates and a little bit of creative work.

Content Is King But Ease Is Queen – Tips for Creation of Your Own Free Website

Making a personal free website is generally easy, simply because many free website hosts offer templates and software to help ease the process along. Most experts say that to create a website that is successful you need to have interesting content related to the website’s theme so that visitors can find your site that might think it worth spending their time reading. Did you know that in most cases, a website that is just tossed together will often times have less success over one that is planned carefully?

Designing Websites Isn’t So Difficult

When you are a novice with website design, you might be a little overwhelmed if not outright intimidated at what might be required to craft a website. If this is the case then you need to take a slight step back and realize that the ability to make a website is not anywhere near as difficult as some assume it to be. The reason is there are free website building sites that offer a simple way of creating a decent site for the internet marketing.

A Basic Pre-Launch Checklist For Your Company’s New Web Design

Months and months of work often go into the creation of a brand new web design, which means that there is plenty of time for something to go wrong and for mistakes to be made. Instead of discovering these issues in the final countdown to the launch of the website or even (gulp) once the site has been made live, you should always create a pre-launch checklist that enables you and your team to mark off tasks as they are completed. Use this guide to help you put together a basic checklist and to ensure that your launch goes off…

Custom WordPress Theme Development

On WordPress, you have the option to use preexisting themes or create your very own from scratch. Custom WordPress theme development is an amazing feature and probably this is the reason that WordPress has grown this huge.

8 Church Website Content Tips and Ideas

Most church websites are rather plain and void of content. It’s a shame because there is so much content and social elements a church can include in their website. This article sets out 8 tips and ideas to vastly improve church websites.

Hire a Web Design Company to Avoid Dreadful Designing Mistakes

The article talks about some of the dreadful mistakes that can ruin the credibility of the website. It also casts light on how a professional web designing company can assist in this regard.

Can a WordPress Developer Create a Custom Website for Me?

There are many platforms wherein you can build up your website, WordPress being one of the best. If you do happen to use WordPress, you may know how difficult it could be if you want to customize the features. However, professional WordPress designers could do this job for you.

Web Design Tips for Creating Professional Websites

These tips will help you to create well-organized, professional websites. Start from the basic web design tips then get into more complicated tips and tricks.

Converting PSD to WordPress

No matter what the website is about, if you want to make it stand out, you would most likely need to convert PSD to WordPress. Not everyone can do it, however professional WordPress designers are really good at it. Take a look at why you need it and the qualities you should be in search of when hiring.

Qualities of the Best WordPress Developers

Every WordPress site is going to need a WordPress developer at some time or another. There are plenty to choose from, take a look at the basic qualities of the best WordPress developers.

Creating an Alternative Module Layout – Joomla! 2.5

There are times when the default layout of a Joomla! module does not fit in a specific module position the way you want. To get around this, you can create an Alternative Layout for the module if it utilizes the MVC structure and has an Alternative Layout option in the Module Manager.

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