How To Make Links Open in New Tab or Window with WordPress

Tips To Make Your Web Design Simple For Your Users

When it comes to designing a website then so many things you have to consider such as choose appropriate color, design, font, images and many other things. A great design will definitely help to generate more lead for your business. Apart from all such factors, one important thing upon which the success of your site depends on is its usability.

An Attractive Web Design Plays a Trick

If you want your brand to keep a hold on your present customers, and drive maximum traffic to your web address, you need to have a captivating web design. Online marketing is expanding on a large scale, people are now more hitched to online shopping because of its handy feature. The digital world is dynamic, where change is constant, nothing is stable, not even your online presence. When customers visit your online shop, they mainly make an impression of the overall look of your website, if it is attractive with superlative graphics, it can hold the attention of the visitors and leave a positive inking on their memory, which will later compel them to re-visit your website. It is not enough to provide the best service or brand with super quality to grab people’s attention, you need to be presentable while exhibiting your brand. Your website should be well- designed and attractive so that you can drive a maximum number of people to your website.

Do-It Yourself Web Design Versus Professional Web Design

One of the big questions whenever you want a website for your business is whether you should do it yourself or have a professional do it. This article is meant to be informative and weigh both sides and give a pro and con for each.

Why It Is Important To Learn HTML Coding

Although HTML coding is being phased out for web design programs that shortcut that process, it’s still important to understand HTML and how to learn it. This article will give some reasons as to why you should learn HTML even if you are a web designer who plans to use a simpler program that makes web design easier.

5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Website Designers And Developers

Needless to say, Google is one of the most powerful and modern search engines, which created Google Chrome one of the leading web browsers. Its user loves it because of its simplicity or high-speed.

Revealing the Essential Secrets of Responsive Web Design

A Responsive website fits well on all kinds of mobile devices and can be accessed by a large number of people. This customer friendly feature gives more visibility and good rank to a website. So Google has recommended to use responsive website for better online exposure.

Creating A Topical and Relevant Website Content Strategy Will Drive Higher Click-Through Rates

A brand’s site needs to consider its core strategy, the overall user experience infrastructure and the delivery of targeted and relevant information to provide the right information at the right time to drive the best results! Many brands try to cover their website’s poor performance by adding other features and brand-centric content to the site instead of addressing the key issue. Brands need to fix the problem and not mask it.

Time You Redesign Your Website or Get Forgotten Altogether

Before putting the effort without understanding the significance of a particular advice, it will be crucial to gather a clear idea on the subject. Here, you will find some relevant information on redesigning website helping with that process.

7 Top Reasons For Adopting Responsive Web Design

Around the world, mobile sales have overtaken desktops by leaps and bounds. The number of users turning to tablets and smartphones for browsing the internet or shopping online is growing ever rapidly. In this highly competitive digital age, where portability is king, it is imperative for businesses to employ responsive website designs to build mobile-friendly websites for their products.

5 Principles to Build an Effective Website

The overall look, function and usability of a website are essential factors in the process of creating the effective web design. The poorly designed site can result in plenty of issues such as those related to low conversions, low pages per visit, low time on site and a high bounce rate.

The Art Of Redesign

It took over 18 months to complete and was designed and built from the ground up by the team of designers, journalists, user-experience experts and product managers. The key goal was to deliver a new, fully responsive website, optimised for as many viewports and devices as possible.

How To Talk To A Graphic Designer To Get What You Need

Working on designs can be really satisfying, but it can also be very hard to come up with something from scratch, especially when you’re new to working with graphic designers. Whether you’re a digital agency project manager or a marketing team member, the rules of working with a graphic designer are the same. I’ve gathered them for you here, you can use this as a cheat sheet in your future work.

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